Tips on how to be liked by the ladies.

Hello everyone!
My name is Ren Kurosaki from Universe Club Umeda Branch.

Having written "Tips" in the title,
It will not be about techniques, but a more rudimentary way to be liked.
Being rudimentary, you will be able to put the details into practice immediately.

These details are based on a total of 1 replies received in the last month from the female members to the post-date feedbacks.
I have not included my own subjective opinions, but I think the results are almost exactly what you would expect.

[Factors disliked by the ladies]
The following will be the top 2 reasons why they do not want to meet a second time:
N'o 1.The "Allowance" does not match their preferences.
N'o 2. Asking for personal information and about other sugar daddies.
N'o 3. Content of the "intimate" acts.
N'o 4. Conversation does not last
N'o 5. Harsh tone.

[Factors liked by by the ladies]
The following will be the top 5 reasons for wanting to meet the gentleman again!
N'o 1. Cleanliness and good grooming appearance.
N'o 2. Fun conversation.
N'o 3. Not greedy
N'o 4. Amount of allowance
N'o 5. Venue considerations

What did you think?
Of course, this is a one-sided opinion from the ladies.
"It's all the men's fault"
"They (the gentlemen) should give the full allowance amount asked by the ladies."
Is not want I want to say.

Rather than trying to increase the likeable factors,
I feel it will naturally become a person who is liked by the ladies with lowering the disliked factors.

It is quite difficult for a ladies to directly tell you what she doesn't like out of respect.
If you know of any disliked factors you may have, just make improvements.
You may be able to increase the frequency of the replies from the ladies and your chances of a successful sugar dating relationship!

Compassion is important in everything
Let's build a win-win, stress-free relationship with the ladies♪

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