I want the mobile sales (baked sweet potato) to have a GPS function and announce the name of the store together.

This is Natsuki Otsuka from Universe Club Osaka Shinsaibashi Branch!

I will be moving to the Umeda office from April,

Calling for concierge interviews to deepen exchanges with Shinsaibashi members,

Please let me be a concierge that is not cute. I heard about the love stories of the members who responded to the mail magazine.

Of course, it's a heartbreak story that's worth listening to., The successful experience is also delicious!
Is it money, looks, feeling...

Everyone is a fighter who is fighting in agony❤️‍🔥

I suddenly wondered,

I thought that there might be a great story about clubs that are willing to spend money.
After doing a little research, it seems that it will come out...

A dinner party for 10 or more people with only the best-looking women
・ Cruising date on a large yacht
・Dinner and pool party at a condominium hotel
・Jewel gift if you come on a date
・ More than 200 million two-night, three-day vacation dates
(* Some of the dating experiences have been paraphrased to the equivalent m (__) m)

From the glaring story of

・Overseas incognito travel during the New Year holidays
・I gave a woman a credit card and gave her unlimited rides in taxis.
・I gave a face pass to the beauty salon I run so that I can use it for free at any time!
・Lent (or bought) a room in an apartment, etc.


I still don't know the night world🍷🌃
Thinking that this opportunity came to a pure woman who had never been hit by the night wind, it was quite a winning lottery🎯

“Apartments are pretty normal, so don’t worry about writing such a thing on your blog.”

And the senior told me from the side. . .


True or false, Aport's story is about a property with a spiritual disability or something.
There was a feeling of tail fin and dorsal fin,

It seems that Bubbly date is still alive and quietly not extinct.

But from a man's point of view, gifts and experiences are easier to give to women.

Once you have a plan, is it easy to implement?

Personally speaking, I prefer B-class gourmet eating walks with two men and women-walking dates lol

Thank you for participating in the concierge call ~ ♡

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