Investment love PATOLO 7/6 will be pre-opened!

Thank you very much for seeing the blog!
I'm Ojin Hemp, the head of the PATOLO division!

We will be pre-opening the service of "Investment Renai PATOLO", which has been announced for a long time, from 7/6!

Since June, we have conducted a trial operation with the cooperation of some members, and we have also conducted simulations in-house, but there may be some bugs and parts that have not been fully clarified.

However, it is thanks to all of our members that we have come this far.
Thank you very much to all of you.

From July 7th, we will send you the login information ID and password.
*Some members do not have the necessary information to register with PATOLO.
Once we have all the necessary information, we will send you your login information.
Also, Universe Club members can use the monthly/yearly membership fee for free until July 2024, 7.

We would like to briefly inform you about the differences from Universe Club when using this service.

As mentioned above, Universe Club is also a affiliated store, but basically it is a different service.I hope you can think of it as
The staff will guide you so that there are no misunderstandings due to differences in rules, but I hope you can check it yourself.

In addition, we will inform you about the fee as it is a little complicated.

There is a huge price difference between Standard/Gold and Platinum/Black, but for existing members, there is no class setting in PATOLO, so rivals will increase and the meaning of registering for high class will be lost. We are doing

So in terms of price
For Standard/Gold, PATOLO's auto date is advantageous
Platinum/Black offers great deals in Universe
So I hope you can take advantage of each of them.

History of PATOLO production
It's been 10 years since running Universe Club.
The mechanism and system are not much different from 10 years ago and are not suitable for the times,
In particular, because the system was left to one engineer, it was a patchwork system.
Therefore, we launched the Universe Club Membership Site Renewal Project.

However, this did not go very well, and I was frustrated many times.
The reason is that there was a part that relied on the existing system when reloading from the universe.

That's why I came up with the idea of ​​launching something different from the Universe Club, which led to PATOLO.

Due to the circumstances described above, both the Universe Club and PATOLO were operated at the same time.
It may be inconvenient to use both UNIVERSE and PATOLO, but we are confident in how PATOLO works, so please give it a try.

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I joined the company as a coordinator in Fukuoka and am currently in charge of the PATOLO business department.Although there are few opportunities to interact directly with members, we strive to provide wonderful encounters behind the scenes.