What kind of women are there in the lounge after all?


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What kind of women are there in the lounge after all?


I think there are more than a few people who think, "I've heard about lounges lately, but I don't know what kind of girls there are."


This time, I will explain the thorough dissection of lounge women!



First of all,
[Employment criteria for Universe Lounge]

・A level higher than GOLD in Universe Club
・Those who are not extremely overweight or overweight
・ Cleanliness
・Those who can communicate with staff and male members
・People who do not use drugs
・Those who do not have large visible tattoos or tattoos
・Age 20 or over but under 45

The lounge is a place where you can talk directly and confirm your feelings.
Therefore, communication skills and aegyo are important.


[Number of female members]

You have passed the above recruitment criteria and have registered for the loungeNumber of female members872 people(as of 6/30)

Among them, the number of women who are not in the Universe club is425 people.
One in two people is a woman who can not meet at the club.


[Women's class]

I think that there are quite a lot of people who are concerned about this.but
The lounge does not currently announce the classification of women.

However, as a recruitment standard, it is a woman of Gold or higher in the universe club.
There are women who are strongly recommended by Mine, but they are all women who are not in the club. .

There are many super-class beauties who are not in the club!

I want to say that out loud.


[Occupation ranking]

1st company employee
2nd place student
3rd place Nurse

About 3% of the women were office workers.
In addition, although it did not go as far as ranking in the top three, there are many entertainment-related and esthetic/beauty-related businesses.

In addition, Mine's personal admiration, "Secretary / CA" both had more than 10 people enrolled!



Basically, the male-female ratio of the store is almost always about 10 women, so it is rare that the number of men exceeds the number of women.


Here, I would like to read reviews from men who have visited the lounge. .

please use this form.

Most of the opinions are good, and it's fake ~~! !

It may be a feeling, but it is a stiff opinion without fake.
I have some very strong opinions.



To be honest, the level and age of women differ depending on the day.
However, you can view women who are visiting the lounge on the membership site.

There was a woman I was interested in → Let's go

If this happens, it is possible to go out on a date with a de-class beautiful woman at the same price as the standard class setting fee.



If you are interested in it even a little, it is okay to visit the store.It's okay to just talk, so I'm looking forward to seeing you.


Click here to apply for the first visit



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2 Reply to “What kind of women are there in the lounge after all?”

  1. Mine-san, thank you for your help.
    I have a good memory of the response I received at that time.
    I met that woman again today.This month alone, he came from a long distance three times.

    A super-class beauty who is not in the club

    So, I had the best time.

    Even so, if there is a lounge, I think that there is no need for beautiful women to join the universe, but I think that that area is as intended, and I think that they have taken measures to discover beautiful women so that they will not miss it.

    1. paper plane

      sorry for being late.
      Thank you for your comment!

      Thank you for visiting us the other day!
      I am very happy that I was able to help you with a wonderful encounter while being presumptuous.

      We are looking forward to seeing you again.

      Mine collar

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