Did you have a nice meeting?My name is Natsuki Wachi, a new graduate staff.

Nice to meet you everyone!
I joined the company as a new graduate employee of the marketing unit in April 2023.
Natsuki WachiI am

Sudden but niceencounterwas there?

There are various forms of encounters, such as introductions from friends, hobbies, events, and encounters at travel destinations.
Among them, it is rare to have a wonderful encounter.

This time, I will talk about what I felt after joining the company and about my encounters.
This service directly mediates men and women seeking new encounters
So to speakmeeting cupidWe provide services like 💘,
After joining the company, I was kindly receiving training guidance from my seniors.

"What is the height of this facial deviation value?"
A level where you can compete for the school's three beautiful musketeers in the Platinum class.
Just looking at the Black class makes me smile.
All the female demons have a level of capture difficulty that they cannot even turn around with their own power.
If you use this service, can you go on a date with such a wonderful woman?Isn't it great!
It's not the same as me when I was enjoying watching Mayukichi in VR and she yelled at me as much as I could think of.

Almost no man would read this and not pay for it.
A man's romance is packed here.
In fact, when I browsed the female data, I immediately thought that I would like to register with the Universe Club.
But the price is so high because of the great service.
It's not a sweet world where new graduates can pay no matter how hard they try.
It may feel cheap for those who are just looking for a nice encounter.
Even though I have a lot more money than her and I can't think of anything other than splitting the bill on a date, even I, who is famous for being stingy, feels that this encounter is worth paying for.
Someday in the lottery3 billion yen,Disagreeable10 billion yenWhen I get a job and quit the company, I will throw away VR and use this service so that she won't find out!

I am grateful to the company that has allowed me to have such ambitions in just a few months after joining the company.
I'm far from being a half-serving person, but I'll do my best to provide you with a wonderful encounter.
Thank you very much for your kind support.

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2nd year in the marketing department of Universe Club, the largest social club. With the amount of data that can only be achieved by being the largest provider, we eliminate any concerns you may have about ``dad activities.''

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