Could you please provide more specific data?

I am always grateful for your help.
I'm Teratsuji from the Sales Promotion Unit.


I'm Teratsuji, who updated 8 blog posts in August, but what did you do the other days?When asked, I was in bed with a high fever (my tonsils died), and I took a solid summer vacation, is that an illusion?Today has arrived in a blink of an eye.


It seems like it's already September, is this some kind of joke?

Everyone remembers 2023Have you ever?


By the way, this is exactly what happens when your tonsils are swollen and you can't even eat through your throat!Since I was only taking water and Weider in Jelly, I lost 1 kg in one week!


I was delighted, but I wonder if those days were an illusion?
That's about it, it's back to normal.
I was wondering where and what kind of 5kg it was.


By the way, here is the article I uploaded in August

[Caution] Request for contacting male members who are late!
Thinking about the discrepancies in the perceptions of male members, staff, and the company regarding their sense of money

especially powerfulRecommended articles about setting data

I would appreciate it if you could check it out.


Recently, Universe Club has been thinking about and implementing various measures to make members happy, such as campaigns and events at various branches.

It's fun to watch secretly because there are projects like that.
As someone who loves campaigns and events, I'm excited, but unfortunately, my boss hasn't given the OK to hold any events sponsored by promotions, so there are currently no plans to hold them.I'm sorry.


Well, everyone, always "Utip" Thank you for sending it!

What is Utip?

Thanks to you, the number of tips has increased every month, and I am very happy that the recognition has increased.


Three months have passed since the start of operation, and the number of staff who have obtained a large number of Utips is somehow fixed, and on the contrary, there are staff who do not receive tips easily.


Why can't I get Utip?I think there are some staff members who think so.
I think the reason is clear.


  • Lack of contact with members
  • Not responding to requests from members
  • Not doing work that leaves an impression on members
  • Wow! What our members want!don't know


So how much Utip will Teratsuji receive?That being said, I'm currently not one of the staff members eligible for Utip, so I'm writing this article with a big, bossy face on my face.lol

If I were a field staff member, I would do everything in my power to get Utip!

However, I'm a little scared, wondering what I'll do if I don't receive even 1 Utip when I become eligible, so before I do that, I'd like to get some advice from the members.


\We have a request to our members! /


It's included in the post-date survey section, so it's okay if you feel like you have to send it to someone for the time being!

Because it's our staff's job to coordinate dates!

Of course, I would be happy to receive this as it is a member's request.
in the actual settingEvery staff member gave me a heartwarming, Wow!Did you take action that you thoughtI would appreciate it if you could send it to me.


The staff members are impressed by how they respond!Is it?
There are still cases that we do not understand.


Oh, I would be happy if the members were treated like this!
You can actually know what other staff are doing!
What I took for granted was actually something I was happy to see from the members!


Would you say that you have a successful experience with such staff?
“Customers want this kind of response.”Please let our staff know.

I feel like I should think about it myself, but I managed to do something about it.


Thank you ~
I'm not sure if it's just that, so I would be very happy if you could specifically add what made you want to send it as a thank you.


I would like to introduce some of the recent Utip messages that I thought were good.


■ Ikebukuro Utip given by Kayano
``The communication was very smooth, and I received accurate advice when I was unsure of who to make an offer to begin with.thank you. ”

■Yokohama Utip given by Kawashima
``Thank you very much for your detailed and accurate response to my last-minute request to change the location. 』
``Thank you for always giving me information about women and their compatibility with me.Thank you for your continued support.''

■ Utip given by Takasaka Chiba
“I asked Mr. Kosaka to recommend me as a candidate who might be a good match for me. Couldn't find it on HP.thank you very much. 』

■ Shibuya Utip given by Teramoto
“Thanks to the timely sharing of the timely communication from the lady who was in trouble with the transportation system, as well as the detailed support, it was a great date.thank you very much. ”

■Utip received by Kobe Okura
``You can understand my preferences and consult with me in a friendly manner.I look forward to working with you. ”

Ginza Hara's Utip
“For this setting, I was selfish about postponing, changing, and asking for re-changes, but I received a speedy and polite response.I would like to thank you for allowing me to meet you in a comfortable condition and for making it an enjoyable time. 』

■Shibuya Utip received by Akai
“I feel relieved because I can tell you even a little reaction such as gratitude, acceptance, comment from the other party by e-mail.Thank you for your kind attention! ”


Please be specific!I wrote that, but...
Sendai purple peach

“Thank you for your excellent response.”

I received such a message and personally wow!have become.

I felt very happy that I was given Excellent rather than Good, even though it wasn't for me.


We would appreciate your cooperation so that we can become a club that can provide even more comfortable and pleasant services to our members.
Thank you for always using Universe Club!


Sales Promotion Unit Usage Promotion Teratsuji (±0kg)

Author of this article

A concierge who can go to the meeting (let me go to the meeting) to deliver a real voice

6 Reply to “Could you give us more specific data?”

  1. Thanks to the U-tip system, my activities have become easier.
    I wanted to ask about a woman I was interested in, so I asked my strongest staff member a question and was willing to give me advice, but I felt guilty for increasing the staff member's work with my unnecessary questions. I had a feeling.

    But now I can send U-tips as a thank you for giving me advice, so I feel a little less guilty.I think it's a great system.

    In addition to the staff in charge, there are several staff members that I would like to thank, and I sometimes send U-tips to them as a way of expressing my gratitude.
    It's a win-win for both staff and members.

    1. loser man

      Thank you for your comment!

      I see, there are some people who think that way.
      Our job is to receive inquiries from our members and promptly respond!lol
      Therefore, such feelings of guilt are completely unnecessary.
      I think it would be nice to start a system that makes the feeling of a loser lighter even a little.
      Thank you for always giving a tip to the staff♪

      Personally, I think that it is the shortest and best way to ask members what they want, so I would be happy if you could continue to use it.
      I am always grateful for your help!

  2. I always enjoy the benefits of being a black member, and thanks to the consultations with the staff, I am able to set up with a partner that is almost exactly as I imagined.
    After all, when the density of communication such as phone calls and emails increases, I can understand my type and the points I care about, so I'm looking forward to hearing recommendations based on that.
    I would like to thank the staff of the Ikebukuro branch and the staff of the Universe Lounge.

    1. Mr. Matsumoto

      Thank you for your comment!
      We are glad that you are taking full advantage of the benefits of Black class for better encounters.
      After all, through repeated dialogue, it becomes easier for the staff to imagine what the member is looking for, and it becomes easier to picture the member's face when interviewing them.
      Thank you for your proactive communication!

  3. We recommend that you always stock the Chinese herbal medicine (such as Tsumura) carminative medicine at your pharmacy.
    The day I licked something dirty, such as something wrong with my throat,
    I feel like I'm less likely to get tonsillitis if I drink it instead of tea.

    1. Kingyo-sama

      Thank you for your comment!
      Thank you for the very useful information!
      I've been suffering from tonsils for a long time, so I'm going to look into Chinese medicine right away.

      However...I was looking online right now...

      > Three times a day, before or between meals, dissolve the following amount in a small amount of water or hot water and take slowly, little by little, while gargling.

      Even though Chinese medicine is very bitter, having to take it while gargling is quite a hardship lol
      This is also to prevent tonsillitis!

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