Seen from the setting data, "I don't want to see you again! What is the male image that seems to be?

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Every day I only talk to my boss, Sakurai, and it's getting boring.
I've been writing a lot of blogs lately.
It's about time you remembered Teratsuji's name, didn't you?

Well, today is the final day of this summer (I'm talking about high school baseball).
There is a trend in the world that favors Keio, but I hope that both teams will enjoy playing without regrets once they have come this far.keep it up.



そ し て,As I said earlier, today's post is long.






Dear Universe Club male members, on the member site

"Setting data"

Did you know that there is an item called

There is data that suddenly appears at some point and is quietly updated in real time.

Did you know?


Information in January this yearwas being done

in the data

  • Setting time ranking
  • Appointment times by day of the week
  • Day ranking
  • Location ranking (by branch)
  • Ranking how many days ago the offer has a high closing rate
  • Date questionnaire score distribution data (male and female)
  • Number of female members (by branch)
  • Same day cancellation rate

And there was data about date setting...


What,Recently, the contents have been quietly updated!


In addition to past published data,Part of the post-date feedback questionnaireis now available to viewWe are
Moreover, this is updated in real time, so now!Now!information.


Have you noticed that in the past few months, the questionnaires that have been cooperating with us after dating for men and women have also been renewed?


Currently at Universe Club

the times to come"successful date"theme!And it is said (internally)
I'm thinking every day about what to do about it.
As part of this, we have also changed the contents of the questionnaire.

The main changed part is

Both male and female questionnaires
"Would you like to meet again after the second time? 』

This is the question.


Successful dating is a difficult place to say what is successful.
This is because the point of success differs from member to member.


  • Succeeded in meeting a woman who was exactly as expected according to the profile
  • Succeeded in going to the hotel on the first day
  • Successful second date
  • Success in an unsupported relationship
  • Success in being able to have a long-term relationship with one woman, including food and physical relationships


I think it varies, but
"Success" as a club"Whether it led to an encounter that makes you want to meet from the second time onwards"We will focus on and create a mechanism that will be useful for future supportThat's the direction.


I would like to see some data
*Data as of 2023.08.22


Q. Did you want to meet the male member you dated for the second time?

The answer to the question of...

I want to meet you again! …62%
I don't know yet (depending on the conditions)…26%
I don't want to see you anymore! …Ten%

As a result,6% of women feel that they want to proceed to the second stepI understand.
I personally thought it would be less (sorry)


I don't know yet because I haven't been able to adjust the schedule for the letter date yet due to the date the questionnaire was sent.
I don't want to see you anymore!About 1% of women think that


Isn't it quite small?



Q.I want to see you again for the second time! “What made you feel good about men?”

*Multiple answers OK here

The contents are like this!


Cleanliness, grooming, smell…17%
I enjoyed the conversation…17%
I wasn't greedy... 15%
Amount of allowance…13%
Consideration of the store (private room, did not care about others) … 13%
The attitude towards the store clerk was good ... 9%
Consideration for travel time…7%
Good looks…4%
Good physical compatibility…2%
The date and time were decided smoothly…1%
I liked the message…1%
The amount of contact was just right…1%
Good response…1%

* Data as of 2023.08.22
*17% is about 1,000 cases.

Dating date and time is smooth ~ I think the following is mainly feedback on letter dating.

A male member who is clean, fun to talk with, smart without being greedy, gives a good allowance for bonito, and is very considerate of the surroundings. It is done.

Looks don't really matter, I'm a daddy and I'm not going to make a boyfriend.


そ し て,

Q. I don't want to see you anymore... What was the point that made you think?

I don't want to see the answer... I don't want to see it, but I will show it!

Click here for more information.


*Multiple answers are also OK here.

Inconsistent support amount…16%
Conversation does not last…8%
Asking about personal information and other dads…8%
Content of the act…7%
There is no sense of cleanliness…6%
Bottom story...5%
Voice volume...4%
The clothes were ugly…3%
Shop (it wasn't a private room, I was worried about the public eye) ... 3%
Dealing with staff…3%
Body touch…3%
Dating for 4 hours or more … 3%
It's not a partial problem, I don't want to see you again... 2%
I was scared…2%
Travel time…1%
Body odor and bad breath…1%
Many messages, long messages…1%
Onslaught of questions…1%
Poor response…0.5%
The date and time did not go smoothly…0.5%
Bad message…0.2%

* Data as of 2023.08.22
*16% is about 100 cases.

The conditions of the allowance are not sufficient, the conversation does not last, the other men who have dated and asks for personal information, the cleanliness and bad breath are harsh, the tone is strong and the attitude to the store clerk is bad. , I think it was a pretty harsh result for male members who were restrained for a long time who talked loudly and talked about dirty jokes and touched their bodies without worrying about their surroundings.

Anyone got all of this?It's dangerous if you do.
I don't think it's all, but do you have any idea?

It's a story about "others", but I checked some of the answers in the descriptive form


"I was worried about my bad breath, and I was embarrassed to talk about adult relationships in a loud voice at a popular restaurant at lunch time with many people around."

→ This corresponds to "Body odor/bad breath" and "Voice volume", but the feeling that I couldn't control with just that made me do other things.


"Bad breath was terrible"

→ This also falls under "Body odor/bad breath", but the feeling that I couldn't control with that alone made me do something else.


"I was passive and not the type all the time"

→ It can't be helped because I didn't fit into my preferred type, and there are women who prefer passive men.


"He didn't talk to me because he was just talking about himself."

→Youkai Jibun Katari is scary


"I think it's too much to wait for about 30 minutes in the store from the appointed time."

→ In addition to other things, check the items like a full combo that women don't like, such as lack of cleanliness, volume of voice, asking for personal information persistently...


"If something is harsh, complain to the club!"It was said that I was atrophied.』

→ I'm sorry... this is no good, no such threats


"I didn't get along with the type of person who wants to enjoy conversations without interrupting them without realizing it."

→ Youkai Hanashi Saegiri is scary


“I had no other reason for choosing a letter date other than to skimp on the offer fee, so I gave up. 』

→It's not a bad thing to keep down the setting fee, but even if that's the case, I feel that we should communicate with each other so that people don't realize that.


"I'm sick of being sent so many long messages.Also, it is unclear what you want to convey to the extent that you lose the desire to read. 』

→…Be careful not to communicate too much, it's a difficult part


…Is it like feeling, there were various other things.

…Let’s take a look at other points that made me want to meet you a second time for a change!


"He prepared gifts such as bouquets and chocolates."

→ lovely


'He was sincere'

→ lovely


"I liked the atmosphere of trying to entertain me"

→ lovely


"It was about 30 minutes to meet each other, and it wasn't too difficult for both of us."

→Spa?can be


"Kind and calm"

→ lovely


I've said it many times, but when I saw the data, it was quite surprising, but I want to see you again after the second time!There were an overwhelming number of women who thought that.
I was wondering if I was a little less lol

There were times when I wanted to close my eyes and cover my ears,
The fact that there is about 10 times more good data than bad data.


Dear male member, thank you for always being a gentleman.


Some members' manner violations have been reported to the club, so in such cases, we may contact you individually.Thank you.


I think it's been about 3 months since I started collecting data, but thank you for providing so much data.
Thanks to the male members' offers every day, the women who accept the offers, and the male and female members who cooperate even though there are no benefits after the date.


Why did you change the questionnaire content, why did you decide to release such data,


  • why the date doesn't work
  • Why can't I contact women?
  • On the other hand, why am I so popular


How can you make a meeting with a high degree of satisfaction based on the objective opinions, including the staff, by reading the points that are difficult to notice by yourself from the data?I wish I could think about it with the members.


If the number of dates is small and there are no survey responses from women, it is not possible to obtain sufficient data, but it seems that there is something that can be seen if there is data for even a few cases.


The concierge service may increase the success rate if you take care of this kind of point based on this kind of data.On the contrary, if you extend these points, you might be even more popular! ?If you are interested, please contact the branch or staff in charge!


I think I can make use of the bad parts next time, and on the contrary, I can further improve on what makes women happy.


We look forward to helping you increase your membership success.


just! If there is one caveat...

depending on the data

You may feel like this.
If we can, we don't want to see you like that, and we don't want to say it...

But... but I will tell you what I can tell you in order to support you so that you can be more satisfied with your activities!I would be happy if you come with a strong heart and honest feelings.


If you wish"Wrap in Oblate"It is also possible to send staff who are good at that method, so please tell me that.


(Who is that kind of staff?)


By the way, in the unlikely event that there is a member who does not want to hear from the person in charge, or does not want to talk to the branch in charge, what should we do?Would you like to contact Sakurai or Teratsuji, who promote the use of the service?


Thank you very much for staying with us for a long time!
I would appreciate it if you could refer to the members even a little.



Author of this article

A concierge who can go to the meeting (let me go to the meeting) to deliver a real voice

2 Reply to “Looking at the setting data, what is the male image that makes you think, ``I don't want to see you again!''?”

  1. I've been waiting for Teratsuji's long article!

    Q. I don't want to see you anymore... What was the point that made you think?
    Inconsistent support amount…16%
    This can't be helped, because it's a relationship with support.

    Even if the conversation gets lively at the meal, the tension on the female side suddenly drops, and after that day, LINE may not be read (or blocked) (laughs).
    Setting aside whether it is necessary to go that extreme, there must be a more beautiful way to fade out.
    Well, I understand that there are people who think that spending time with someone who doesn't meet their conditions is a waste of even a minute.

    1. Mr. Matsumoto

      Thank you for your comment!
      I can't believe you said that... I think I can do my best for the next two weeks lol

      I always look at it while thinking that it's a clumsy way of thinking about the other person's feelings.I wondered why I couldn't say a word.
      Even if the conditions don't match, it's different just by being considerate.
      Also, please let us know your opinion on the site!Thank you♪

    1. Mr. Sato

      Thank you for your comment!
      It was long... I think it was difficult to read, but thank you for reading.
      I would like to find a theme that will make you say that again and write it, so if you read it next time, I will cry with joy!

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