Part ① [Consideration from feedback! ]What exactly is a letter date?How satisfied are you?

I am always grateful for your help!Promotion of use of sales promotion unit Teratsuji It is.
Wait, is it already 9/22?You must be kidding.


Wait, is this what the Shibuya staff look like?


Everyone is so cute
Hayama's face in her 40s is so cute, is it okay...?lol

The Shibuya staff has a well-balanced team, and I have a good impression that everyone's personality is among the best among all branches.We haven't talked that much.

If you are wondering which branch to choose in Tokyo, Shibuya might be the best choice.



NowThis article, I'm glad that so many people have seen it.

Do you like data?

I'm super bad at it.

Kurosaki of Umeda branchsaid.


"Data doesn't lie"

"Data is justice"

"Those who control the data will control the Universe Club..."


and. (I added a little bitdon't lieI definitely said that)


Even within the company, data, data, whatever you do, bring out data, bring out evidence,
Write functions, look at databases, generate data using analytics. If you can't generate data yourself, why do you want to work at our company?

I haven't been told that, but I feel the pressure.


The company I joined as a new graduate was an IT company.
why?It sounded cool, people with no experience were welcome, and I thought IT would be the future.

Of course, we provided a generous training period,
Even though I had no experience, I was able to learn Java, C language, SQL, HTML, etc., but due to various reasons, I immediately quit.

There are various reasons for this, but I feel like it's a case of unfair dismissal that I don't really understand, so what if the boss around me sue?Well, there are many things that happen in life.Thanks to that, I am here now.

And at that time, I thought,

Oh, I'm not this.

After that, I was in a world that had nothing to do with IT, functions, data, or anything like that.
I think it really has something to do with the structure of the brain.
I can't understand it at all, and I can't understand the content.

Of course, in the beginning, my company was in a world where things like that didn't really matter. I wrote down my tasks on paper and pasted them on my PC to manage them, haha ​​(and sometimes I forget things).
Isn't that scary?It's been a long time since I've been in the middle of a long time.
It is very convenient to use the created system.


I'm the type of person who values ​​conversations with members more than providing data, so I've been thinking for the past few years that someone who is good at providing data should do the work.
Will this be considered luggage by the company soon?I'm anxious.It seems that there will be no more promotions.
I have no choice but to find another way.Isn't there a way to pull it out?


Well, I don't really care about the story of "data, dismissal, recruitment, and Teratsuji",
The day has come for me to post a story about something I've been saying I'd write for some time, but haven't been able to type.

I'm sorry if the content wasn't as great as it was.



“Consideration from feedback!What exactly is a letter date? ”


Thank you everyone for always using Letter Date.
What percentage of all dates do letter date applications make up?
(I'm sure the staff who are good at providing data will provide it soon)

I feel like it's about 3-4%?Is there more?I don't know.



Give me the data!



Yes, yes, I understand.But I won't give it out!

I can't get it out!


P.S.: I asked a senior person, and he said that currently letter dating accounts for about 3% of the total usage, which is pretty good.


So, what are the benefits of using Letter Date?


  • You can ask for information before actually meeting
  • Setting fees can be reduced
  • Communicating with staff about schedules is a hassle
  • You can flexibly adjust schedules directly with women.


Only use letter dates
Do not make offers to women who refuse letter dates.
I think there are many members who enjoy Letter Date.

When I heard about a male member the other day,
I was able to unexpectedly meet (online) the member who invented Letter Date.
Due to the coronavirus, there are restrictions on going outside, so the conversation started with a staff member asking if it was possible to exchange contact information with the woman.
If it wasn't for that member's advice, Letter Date might not have been born, so I'm grateful to him.


However, you may get angry if I say this,Teratsuji Personally, I don't recommend letter dating very highly.
There were times when I wished it would go away.Right now, I feel like if the members are okay with it, then it's okay.


Because sales will decrease!


Of course there is that, but that doesn't matter (no, it's not good lol)


There is a reason why the setting fee for a letter date is 50% of that for a regular date.

  • Setting is completed almost automatically with almost no staff intervention.
  • The club will provide support until the exchange of contact information is completed, and after that there will be no intervention or involvement from basic staff.
  • It's up to you whether you can meet or not


Is it something like that?


Of course, you can negotiate terms before actually meeting,
You can communicate with them and get to know their personalities.
We were able to quickly make arrangements and meet in a time when it was difficult to make plans.
By reducing the setting fee, we are able to give back to women.

It is true that there are members who make good use of Letter Date and are highly satisfied.

However, every once in a while, almost every day, I come across dark stories about letter dating.

  • no reply
  • Poor response
  • The schedule is not decided at all
  • It's already been a month since I was told that I would be in touch again.
  • I don't show up at the meeting place on the day of the date.
  • The response is so bad that you start to lose faith in humanity.


The fact is that terrible things like this are happening.


I am sorry to say that since I first joined the company over 9 years ago, but women...

Not returning calls, breaking promises, lying, ignoring read receipts, blocking, canceling suddenly, not showing up for a date, wanting an expensive bag, the XNUMX wonders of having birthdays several times a year. A lot of my relatives will die, I'll catch a cold soon, I'll get the flu, and I'll get the coronavirus soon.

That's what I'm thinking.Even now.

Of course, I think there are cases where we are at fault,
Despite all of this, they always responded to me, kept their promises, and put up with bad feelings for the sake of the club (even though I didn't have to do that). There are many women who are cute, beautiful, and have a good personality (even though you don't have to do that) to try to go on a date.I want to support a woman like that with all my might, and I'll push her with all my might.This is my motto, or something like that.I value it, I want to do it, that's what I do.


Therefore, if you don't work with such feelings, you'll end up giving up on women, or you'll end up distrusting people, and I think there are probably countless male staff members at our company who have a distrust of women, haha.


We don't educate women like that, we value women who keep their promises and enjoy dates with male members.
That's what I learned from the representative, so I used the word "give up."


That's why I didn't like how women registered, and I hated women, but now my way of thinking has changed a little.
Without women, the satisfaction level of our male members will not increase, and there is no doubt that our club will continue to exist without women, so even though I don't like it, I will treat women who come to visit with sincerity, and I will not go to such a suspicious place. Since you have mustered up the courage to come, I want to make sure that you receive at least one offer.You can't do anything just by hating it.
In order to be able to take photos from as cute a angle as possible, to make sure that your legs don't look short, to make your upper arms look slender, and to help you understand your style and create a beautiful S-shape, I am one step ahead of other staff members. Always ask for as much information as possible and put it on your profile.That's how I did it.

Ah, I'm starting to want to meet the cute female members.


That being said, this woman seems a little dangerous, I don't really recommend her in this way, and we don't seem to be compatible, so why not offer a different woman?
I came here with an emphasis on dialogue with male members, hoping that I could make suggestions that would reduce their risk even a little, so the topic is completely different.Feedback after the date was very helpful and was an important piece of information that allowed us to see a side of women that we couldn't see.


Right away, Teratsuji's story tends to go off the rails and get long, but...
What do you mean


We have released feedback data regarding Letter Date!


I love you all, feedback data.

However, this is my limit for Teratsuji.

Let's take a look at its limits.

*Data as of 2023.09.21

This is"Letter Date"I have extracted what the score of feedback that contains the word is like.

By the way, review↓
2 points: Exceeded expectations
1 point: As expected
0 points: Not as good as expected
-1 point: Inferior to expectations
-2 points: It was clearly malicious.


[Blue circle on the left: male → female]
0 points: 24.9%
1 points: 24.3%
2 points: 18.3%
-1 point: 16.8%
-2 point: 15.8%

[Pink-ish circle on the right: female → male]
1 points: 25.5%
2 points: 24.4%
0 points: 22.1%
-1 point: 19.1%
-2 points: 8.9%

Looking at it this way, the overall satisfaction level or score seems to be lower for male members... Over 3% of people are negative.Conversely, when looking at women, half of them met or exceeded their expectations.

I wonder if male members who pay money are less satisfied overall.


As you may have noticed, the current post-date questionnaire uses the same questionnaire for regular dates and letter dates, so some information may not be distinguishable. (Accurately, it can be done, but please understand that it is beyond my limit)

Due to the survey distribution settings, there may be cases where you have to fill out a survey even though the first date has not yet been completed, and we apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

I'm currently working on creating a questionnaire for regular dates for regular dates, and a questionnaire for letter dates for letter dates, so I guess!Soon!in a few days!I think it will be changed as soon as things are ready.

Once the changes have been completed and the data has been collected, we will set aside time to look back at the data regarding letter dates, so please look forward to it.
We would appreciate it if you could continue to provide feedback after the date.


Thank you very much for your continued use and cooperation!


It was getting a little long, so I decided to break it up into the first part and the second part.
In Part ②,So how can you make your letter date a success?Let's write.I look at the success stories and think, ``This is not going to work.''

*It’s longer than Part XNUMX.

↓I would be happy if you could take a look.

Part ② [Consideration from feedback! ]What exactly is a letter date?How satisfied are you?

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