Part ② [Consideration from feedback! ]What exactly is a letter date?How satisfied are you?

This is Part ②

Part ① [Consideration from feedback! ]What exactly is a letter date?How satisfied are you?

↑Please read from here!It's okay if you don't read it though.


I am always grateful for your help!This is Teratsuji, Sales Promotion Unit Usage Promotion.

I got a little carried away in my last blog and it ended up being too long, so I decided to divide it into the first part and the second part!
I didn't care about Teratsuji's firing story.


Part①So, I showed my limits and gave a feedback score for the letter date, but in Part XNUMX,How can I increase the success rate of letter dates?I would like to share this theme with you.


Now,Teratsuji Personally, I don't recommend letter dating very highly.I wrote that, but why do you think so?I feel like I didn't clearly write about my personal feelings.


Based on past experience, there is no doubt that male members often have unpleasant feelings., because I think so.

I'm sure there are cases where it works, but
How many times have you heard someone say that they have become distrustful of humans?

We have become accustomed to it because it is a daily occurrence.
It's not often that adults, let alone people in positions such as business owners or doctors, have their calls ignored.Right?

Even more so (for the second time), even though I was the one paying the money and receiving the service, I started to lose faith in humanity, and I think it was an unbelievable event that turned heaven and earth upside down.

However, even if that is the case, some of you may have had the experience of being told by a staff member that the offer was made with that in mind.
Yes, that's right, that's what it is.sorry.


There is only one way to increase your personal success rate.


to give up


That's what I wanted to say, but I'm sure I'd get angry from all sorts of people if I said that, so I thought about it seriously.

By the way, ``giving up'' is the conclusion I came to after thinking about it seriously.

Staff from some branch become members
They said that the best way to avoid getting hurt is not to use letter dating.
Members also said, ``That's true,'' but there are no such sad stories.How can you say that it's best for service providers not to buy the products they sell?I guess you shouldn't say that.


My way of giving up is not to not buy, but to buy and then give up, or to buy with the premise of giving up, so definitely (smug! Is it the same?)


But I'm going to get really angry if things continue like this, so it would be great to hear from all sides!I thought[How to make good use of letter dates]I would like to summarize this.


Determine the type of woman

I'm suddenly saying something that seems like a high hurdle, but this is the only option.

Is the woman who made the offer the type of person who wants to communicate in advance?
Are you the type of person who only wants to adjust the schedule and not communicate much until the date?

Women cannot receive transportation expenses unless they actually meet the male member (no compensation), so rather than waiting a long time, it is better to adjust the schedule early and quickly. The best thing is to meet you at the stage.
If you can't do that, I think it's better to make an offer when you know you can do it to some extent.

Women are most motivated when they register, and then when they receive an offer.When you have time or a period to think about things, you may start to think about things, become anxious, or feel bad about something.
Our staff will support you in this regard, but yes.
However, I think it is definitely a race against time. (although there are exceptions)


don't leave it to women

I'm a little confused, but
For example, when a male member tries his best to accommodate a woman's convenience by saying, ``Please let me know if there is a day that is convenient for you,'' this is completely meaningless to me, Teratsuji.

No, of course, women are happier when they have male members who are willing to accommodate their needs!There are cases where this happens, but if you don't receive a reply, this is possible.

The correct answer (I think) is

``I'm thinking of a location in the vicinity of XX on XX day of ● month, △ day, ◇ day, but how convenient is it?
Please let me know if you would like to have a flexible time and location.If your schedule doesn't match, could you suggest a date that is available? ”


This one.The male side takes the lead and takes the lead by suggesting candidates and, if it is difficult to make adjustments, ask them to make suggestions.Proposals are especially necessary if the stance is to suit women's convenience.


“Do I have to do this? ”


Is useless.If it doesn't work this far, then it's because she's not motivated!So, let's move on!So this is it.


Please let me know when you are free.
I asked my wife, ``What do you want to eat today? ” and your husband replies, ``Whatever you want.'' Isn't that a prologue to divorce?Please be careful as I think this is a way of asking that is over.


After all, it's only natural that a date that has been arranged through an offer or a plan with an existing father should take priority over someone you haven't met yet.

Looking at the feedback, it's true that there are women who are just as hurt as the male members. (I have received negative feedback)

  • I was not able to receive transportation expenses when we first met on a letter date.
  • Even though I had set a date, I didn't show up at the meeting place.
  • An obscene message was sent
  • I received a threatening message
  • I was asked to send naughty photos.


Because of this experience, I felt anxious about interacting with people I didn't even know.
The regular date, where the club staff is available to some extent, has a higher priority, and at that time, we hit it off and immediately decide on a date to meet next time, which makes it impossible to adjust the date with the letter date person. It's here, this is it.


As I said earlier, I think it's only natural to go for reliable support rather than uncertain transportation costs.That's what you're registered for.
I guess it's even more obvious if you're a popular woman.


By the way, I often see feedback from women that they were not able to receive travel expenses on their first date on a letter date, but why?The rules are the same for letter dates, so please be sure to pay for the first transportation fee.Please be careful as this will result in a negative evaluation.


Popular women should be prepared

There is no problem if you are a woman who is used to communication, is good at it, and has a job where you can easily adjust your schedule, but if you are a woman who works every day and has limited holidays, you may not be able to communicate easily. There is a good chance that it will become a burden.

This is a story I heard from a woman who rejected the letter date option when registering.
Being a nurse, I have limited time to use my cell phone, and I also work night shifts, but I feel bad if I don't respond immediately when someone calls me, and it's stressful to go about my activities thinking that it's bad, so I decided not to. I made it.He is serious.

Women have the same life cycle as male members.It's not like you can reply anytime.

In addition to that, popular women get 5, 10, 20, regular date offers and letter date offers all at once.
Even if you're a secretary who's good at multitasking, you're likely to get bored if you constantly receive 10 or 20 calls a day.
It will be difficult to know who is who, and it will be difficult to coordinate the schedule.

So, when you write a letter date to a popular woman, you have to feel lucky to receive an honest reply, or even lucky to be able to arrange a date early.
As mentioned above, there is a possibility that you will no longer receive a reply.
Those who think that it was not good at all even though it was highly rated.There is this.
She is a popular woman who comes into contact with many people, not just on letter dates, so she may have some dry ideas.
It may be harsh, but it is what it is.


I just wanted to be stingy with the offer fee.

I've heard some comments from women who said, "That's what I thought..."

Of course it's not evil,
Transportation costs, allowances, meals, and a single date can cost a lot of money, so it's wise to save money where you can.

So what's wrong?
The way I responded was in a way that made women think that way.

``There is no communication beyond just adjusting the schedule.''
→Since this woman was going on a letter date, she wanted to communicate in a way that would allow us to get to know each other's personalities before we met.

What is the purpose of a letter date?
It is necessary to get to know the woman, and if a woman goes on a date with these feelings in mind, there is a possibility that this person may not be the one to communicate with her, which can lead to anxiety. .

Even if you save money on the setting fee, it is important to get both of you at the peak of your feelings for the date so that you do not realize it and do not damage your own image.


Well, I won't be saved if I keep talking about such gloomy things, so I thought I should also tell you some bright stories.

We have collected some testimonials from members who are using Letter Date successfully and have a high success rate.


``If it's a popular woman, I'll invite her around once and when the offers settle down. ”

``Even before we met, we felt very comfortable interacting with each other, and once we met, we were definitely compatible!I felt like we could be together for a long time. ”

``We exchange contact information on a letter date, and after about one or two turns, I ask the woman about her dates, and I try to make arrangements to meet her as soon as possible. ”

``Assess whether a woman wants to communicate with you or not (ask her directly) and communicate with her at a frequency that suits her wishes. ”

``Before we met, I realized that the conditions weren't right and the interaction wasn't right, so I stopped actually meeting.I think it's good because it was half the price of the normal offer, so it was less of a pain. ”
→To be honest, I wasn't completely satisfied with this, but unless you're willing to make an offer, you might not be suitable for a letter date, or even for activities in a dating club.


It's crazy, it's long.
I can't quite summarize what I want to write (even with this), but I want to finish it soon.

As a result, what do you think of the letter date?but


I don't know!It's up to the members!


With that.
I'm sorry for all the blog posts that don't have a clear conclusion every time.

Although there are negative evaluations, more than 7% of people have given us positive rather than negative evaluations.

I, Teratsuji, would like to eliminate things that make male members feel bad, so if you look at it from that point alone, letter dates can be eliminated, and I would like them to make regular offers.

Letter dates can be used successfully in letter dates, and I will not offer them to women who don't like letter dates!There are some members who really like it, and of course there are many women who use letter dates to communicate effectively, so I feel that there is a certain level of demand that keeps people using it. I am.


Now that PATOLO has started, will Letter Date continue as it is?But even though I've tried various things, for some reason it doesn't work... If you are worried about what is going wrong, please contact the staff in charge of the branch and we would be happy to discuss it with you.There may or may not be any workaround.

Please show me how you interact lol


Currently, I feel that the post-date questionnaire will be difficult to answer because there is not much differentiation between regular dates and letter dates.
We apologize for the inconvenience.

Therefore, we are currently creating Letter Date so that questions for Letter Date can be sent, so this will change over time!One of these days.

I would like to write some kind of report blog once I have collected new feedback data, so I look forward to your continued cooperation.


By the way, isn't it a hassle to go through the staff for letter dates?

Are you using PATOLO?
Did you know that you can communicate with all women even before making an offer, without the intervention of troublesome staff?
Moreover, of course you know that Universe Club members can now automatically use PATOLO, right?

Although it is not possible to exchange contact information or exchange conditions for allowances, it is very easy to use.

I don't understand the PATOLO system, huh?Don't use it
The male member who said so tried using it...?There have actually been cases where when I actually tried using it, I got hooked and now only use PATOLO.It must have been fun.

If you are a member who frequently uses Letter Date, why not try making an offer via PATOLO?It might be surprisingly fun.


Thank you very much for reading this long message.
Thank you for using Universe Club and reading our blog!


What should I write next?



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A concierge who can go to the meeting (let me go to the meeting) to deliver a real voice

6 reply to “Part XNUMX [Thinking from feedback!] Honestly, what do you think about letter dating? How satisfied are you?”

  1. We become indebted to.This is Imai.

    I also used Letter Date several times and stopped using it because of the exact same idea as Mr. Teratsuji.In the end, the regular setting where you are compensated for the first date (if you can't meet, you get points back) was more suitable for me.I think there are some things that you can't really judge unless you meet first.

    1. Mr. Imai

      Thank you for your comment!

      This is the best pattern for you to try several times, find the style that suits you, and utilize it in your activities.After all, you won't understand men and women until you meet them first!I think there is, and if I can't meet you, I'll get points back, so it's OK. I didn't think of it this time, so thank you for your new opinion.I am always grateful for your help!

  2. I'm mostly a letter dater.It's so useful that even women who don't like letter dates have applied for letter dates.
    Even if you exchange letters a few times, you can get a good idea of ​​how a woman feels, and it will be easier for both of you to decide on a first date.
    In most cases, allowances are also presented at the letter date stage, such as, ``Meal date is XX hours and total transportation expenses and allowances are XNUMX yen,'' ``Adult day is XX hours and total transportation expenses and allowances are XNUMX yen.'' ``Someday, I try to simply say something like, ``I'll give you transportation expenses and allowances as soon as we meet, even if it's just for a date.''
    By the way, there are some women who just went on a letter date and didn't meet up because they thought it wasn't quite right.On the other hand, there have been times when I've had some hunch and decided to meet someone even though I'm having trouble with letter dates.
    Either way, letter dates are the best.Since you can't go on a letter date once you've met, my impression is that a letter date is twice as delicious.

    Also, you can say that you are skimping on the setting fee, but in my case, thanks to letter dating, I have been able to offer to twice as many women, so I think it's a win-win situation for me and the club. That's what I'm thinking.

    I think there are about 20 in 1 women on a letter date that I wanted to meet but couldn't. The cause was that I stepped on a landmine that made me think, ``There's a landmine in a place like this...I was uneducated...''I can't help but reflect m(__)m

    1. loser man

      Thank you for your comment!
      Thank you for always using Letter Date!
      The loser is a model case member who is taking full advantage of the benefits of letter dating, so I think I could ask him to give a seminar lecture lol.

      >On the other hand, there have been times when I've had some hunch and decided to meet someone even though I'm having trouble with letter dates.
      This is probably just a hunch that comes from having done this so many times, which is great.

      Honestly, personally, I personally think that the content of Letter Date is such a great idea to be able to contact more women than usual and have them say it's a win-win!please!More and more!There were some parts that I didn't think so, so I'm grateful for that.thank you.

      However, I'm concerned about landmines in such places lol

  3. The most memorable landmine I stepped on was a photo a woman sent to me that showed her cute friend, so I sent her a photo and said, ``Your friend is cute, but 〇〇-san is even prettier.'' ...I don't like being compared to others. I feel really bad about it.'' and the conversation ended without ever meeting her. Tears.

    1. loser man

      I see, it's quite difficult to understand the complicated feelings of a woman...
      (I'm thinking, why don't I send a photo of myself with my friend?)

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