Is it true that the Shibuya staff showed their faces? ?

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This is Tsumugi Okumura from Universe Club Shibuya Branch♪

Without further ado, could you please listen to the complaints that have been rampant at the Shibuya branch recently?

“More women please come!!!😫”

Shibuya Station has the 5th largest number of people getting off the train in Japan, and is used by many people, so I think it would be great if more reservations were made at Shibuya!

But why is there so little?

(It's a bit far from the station...) ←Maybe this 😇

But, Yute6 minutes on footis! With Google Maps!Even if you're a little confused, it won't take more than 10 minutes!

But but!The Shibuya branch has the advantage of not having to feel the disadvantage of location! !

🔥“Taking advantage of the humanity of the staff”Overwhelming production power”🔥

This one!Maybe this is just as important as photography skills! ?

If you are unsure about anything when applying for registration,

👩 “I wonder what kind of person will take care of it… maybe a man wearing all black…?”

👩 “I wonder if the questions are asked casually… I can’t immediately think of my selling points…”

That's why!At the Shibuya branch, people are already showing their faces and saying, "There's someone like this!" ! \(^o^)/

These people are registered staff...?Eh, are you okay...?

No no! Rather than formal "registration",

👩 “Because I speak clearly, people often say I have a harsh personality.”

🤓 “Eh! Doesn’t that mean you have a clear will and a core? That’s Apipo!”(*Apipo = appeal point)

You can register with as much excitement as asking a friend to do a job-hunting analysis for you, so you can find a good father who understands your own strengths!

????Characteristics of people who should come to Shibuya to register????

・Women who feel like, ``When someone tells me to smile, I can't smile... On the other hand, try to make me laugh!''

・“What are my good points?” Lamb-like woman who is lost

・"I don't get any offers. That means I have to stay poor. It means that I will continue to suffer from poverty until my children and grandchildren...(continued)" A woman with hiss syntax.

I think the Shibuya branch is the only place for a woman like this! 😎

The most favorite facial expression of a man who likes to say, ``This woman will laugh next to me like this...(fantasy.oO)''"Natural smile"!

To bring it out before you know it,Our Shibuya Branch All Stars☆

Overall!What I want to say is,

If you are unsure about registering or feel anxious, try making a reservation in Shibuya first! !That's what I mean.

In the next Shibuya post,“What is the filming technique of Shibuya All Stars? ? ”See you there! ( •ω•́ )✧

It's been a long time,

The heat continues even in September.

Please take care of yourself, members and those considering joining.

Tsumugi Okumura

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