[Production secret] Release of a new feature that was actually super excellent!

Thank you all for everything!
I'm Teratsuji from the Sales Promotion Unit.


I write the same thing every time, but it's scary that it's already October.
Is there anything you want to do in 2023?

On a personal note, I set three goals for this year in January 2023, but since I haven't touched any of them, I'm planning to pretend that I didn't even have any goals to begin with.


Now,Black members, thank you for waiting!

I received the information the other day!

From 10/2
“Inquiry desk opened exclusively for Black members! ”

Information hereHave you seen it yet?


That's right!

Introducing a contact button that is only visible to Black members!

It's been three days since Black Button was created, and I was surprised to receive more inquiries than I had expected.


This function is definitely my responsibility, Teratsuji!It looks like this, but in reality,
When I was assigned to the sales promotion unit's usage promotion department in April of this year, the project was already progressing, and I was thinking of doing it almost without touching it, or just picking up the good parts. It depends on me writing this blog lol


Do you think the most popular girls who come to group parties are the ones who secretly share the salad with you?


The girl secretly took the plate from the girl who was sharing the salad and said thank you, and handed it to the boy, saying, ``Here you go♡!''That's what these girls bring.

I like guys who pay close attention to things like that, and secretly say thank you in my ear by saying, "Thank you for sharing the salad with me (I know that)!" (What are you talking about)


So, to be honest, when I first heard about this kind of project going on at a meeting around the beginning of the fiscal year, I was shocked.

“Ah, hmm.”

It felt like a temperature.It's a secret?


I'm not in a position to voice an opposing opinion on a project that the company is working on, and I haven't done anything in particular, but I guess I just haven't been able to fully internalize it.

That, huh?Can you do some things?

Like, it’s a secret, right?I feel like I'm going to get angry.

Incidentally Production secret storyDespite the title, I wasn't involved in the production at all, so I don't have any secrets or anything.ProductionMy heart during the periodSecretsecret voiceStorySo, I would like to thank you in advance.


This [Black Button] Inquiry details4 itemsI did it.

My thoughts during the production period...

① I want to hear honest opinions from the interviewer.
→In the end, if there are staff like me who have been transferred to another department or quit, it is not possible to directly ask the interviewer.

② I want to see photos and videos without blur
→I receive inquiries via email, LINE, and phone every day.

③Application for counseling
→Actually, there aren't that many.

④I want to ask a question directly to a woman
→Do you ever suddenly ask me to tell you the conditions?Are you okay?

There were also some concerns.
Teratsuji is often said to be a thin person who looks for coarse things, but please call me a worrier.

The upper management is constantly being told that the benefits of the Black class are thin and thin.

There are supposed to be some benefits for Black members, but it seems like they haven't really caught on, or that there are many people who feel that there are regional differences, or that there are people who say it's an impossible task to do something because they're a Black member. Just having the right to make offers to higher-class women isn't enough...
So what kind of treatment is appropriate for the Black class?Originally, the decision is supposed to be based on the offer rank for women, but I feel like the requests for services are increasing year by year. Is it because the scenery has changed since I was assigned to this department?

I can't help but think that the upper management is worried.
We exchanged opinions at numerous meetings, a representative GO appeared, and we held repeated meetings with the production team...

Teratsuji had only heard about it through rumors.


And finally, the release day has arrived!
I, Teratsuji, only thought ``hmm'', but when I actually saw what was implemented, it was quite good.really sorry.That's pretty good.

As for what's good about it, it's an internal story, but the system on this side was good.


Then.As the person in charge of the Black button(Absolutely different) I would like to explain in a little more detail about the four items.

The Black button will secretly appear at the top of the woman's profile page (only visible to Black members)


① I want to hear honest opinions from the interviewer.


Currently, the date setting is mainly done by the male member's branch manager.

For example, the staff at the Yokohama branch handle communication with male members who have joined the Yokohama branch, but if you want to go on a date with a woman in Tokyo, you might want to ask about the woman's details!Even if you think so, the Yokohama branch will of course be the place to inquire and respond.

That's right, a staff member who is not actually in charge of the interview will look at the notes on the woman's management page and respond to the inquiry.

There may be members who have taken up the challenge in the past.
“I would like to ask the interviewer for his/her opinion.”When.
But I think the answer was probably no.

Personally, I'm a Black member, so why not secretly contact the interview staff?What about this woman?I thought it would be a good idea to do some research and secretly share the information I found with the members, but I can't.I can't do the basics.This is something that cannot be done nationwide.

This time this timeIf you send your inquiry using the "I would like to hear an honest opinion from the interviewer" button, your inquiry will be sent to the branch where the interviewer is located!

Members of the Yokohama branch would like to ask Takei about the woman in charge of Tokyo Ginza Takei!will come true.

Unfortunately, I am unable to respond to inquiries from the woman I was in charge of when I was at the Nagoya branch, as I am in a different department, but the inquiry will be sent to the Nagoya branch and will be answered by Nagoya staff.
(In addition to myself, staff who have transferred to other departments or retired will be dealt with as described above.)


② I want to see photos and videos without blur

→I receive inquiries via email and LINE every day.

That's what I thought, but I was wrong.

In realityMost frequently asked questions since implementation The
This is ``Please send a clear photo of a blurred woman.''
It seems that the IT staff is currently thinking more about automation than the staff can handle.

I want to see your unblurred face!
But it's a hassle to email the staff, and I haven't decided to make an offer yet, so it's embarrassing...
I wonder if there are actually many people like that?I felt that.

No, even when the staff received this kind of inquiry, they simply responded without thinking anything in particular, but we had no idea that there was such a demand for it.


③Application for counseling

→There aren't that many.

Yes, we look forward to hearing from you.
In the future, we will place even more importance on dialogue with our members.

Concierge service referenceThis is also an articlePlease also


④I want to ask a question directly to a woman


What I was paying attention to this time was
① I want to hear honest opinions from the interviewer.
And④I want to ask women questions directly!was

This is a new, surprising feature that can be called the first feature, but it feels like it's in competition with PATOLO's feature that allows you to interact with women for free before making an offer.

The difference from PATOLO is that
Just the first message from a male member!You can send it directly to the woman.No troublesome exchanges.

If you select ``I want to ask the woman directly,'' you can enter the question, but when you press the send button, it will be sent directly to the woman.The staff will not check or relay it.It's automatic.

Responses from women will be sent to the club, and club staff will respond to the male members.

Of course, Mr. 〇〇, I asked a question to Mr.▲▲ will remain in the club, so if there is no response from the woman, I will urge you to do so.
I will definitely let you know if there is a response or not, so I wonder if you haven't seen that?Maybe it's not being sent?I don't think there is anything to worry about.Please wait a moment for a reply.

I would like you to take full advantage of this opportunity to ask direct questions.

Ask women directly about things you would normally ask staff about.

・Once we have built a good relationship, it would be ideal to meet once or twice a month, but what do you think?
・Is it possible to come to 〇〇?
・You stated that you wanted to save money as a reason for registering, but what kind of goals do you have for wanting to save money?

How to ask questions is up to the member.

Please actually use this function.The date was decided in the blink of an eye!I also discovered this exchange.


however!My personal opinion is
This letter date articleHowever, there are also notes I wrote.
It's long, you don't know what you want to ask, or you have trouble answering.
You should definitely stop asking such questions.

Be concise and avoid giving a negative impression.
Quickly and quickly ask what you want to hear!Send the message in a way that makes it easy to respond.

of course
Include contact information such as phone number and email address
Ask about the terms of your allowance
No, definitely.

Please do not ask questions that violate these rules.
I understand, all club staff understand that this is the most important thing, but please refrain from doing so.We will contact you as soon as we find it.


Then, we received an inquiry from a Black member.

[Black priority: High]will be sorted into folders for each branch.
Please feel free to take advantage of our efforts as we will respond to your requests with as high a priority as possible.

We hope that you will enjoy this new feature presented to Black members by the upper management of the Universe Club, who have been told that it is thin and thin.

This is a report of new feature release information from me, Teratsuji, who has almost no involvement in this matter!


Please enjoy this salad ♡


Mayu Teratsuji

*If the page does not display properly, it seems to be a good idea to clear the cache of your browser.What is clearing the cache?If you are interested, please search on the internet and you will find it.

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A concierge who can go to the meeting (let me go to the meeting) to deliver a real voice

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  1. A very convenient function was implemented, so I immediately asked the woman a question.
    I also received a reply from a woman.
    I'll definitely use the feature to take photos without blur.

    1. loser man

      Thank you for your comment!
      I'm glad to hear that you used it right away!
      Previously, questions to women were sent through staff, but by reducing the number of relay points by one, the sense of speed will increase, and I think it will become more realistic as women can actually send their inquiries directly. This is a good feature.
      I also think it's an advantage that you can feel free to ask questions without hesitating (even if it's a hassle) to contact the club, as it reduces one wall.
      Please continue to use it in the future♪

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