[Ebisu/Akasaka] We will increase the number of interview locations!

Thank you for always using Universe Club.
This is Tenmoto from the Ikebukuro branch.

As the title suggests, the Ikebukuro branch has an interview location.3 locationsWe have expanded to…!

“It was expanding!”
is correct! ! !

Actually, since June, IkebukuroEbisu/AkasakaHowever, I was able to have an interview.
It's currently mid-September, but how many interviews have you had in Ebisu and Akasaka?(*^^*)

The number is amazing...

O cases! ! !

There was no particular announcement, so I would be happy if you could apply for this opportunity (*^^*)
Ikebukuro staff will be available for your interview.

Ebisu and Akasaka are located below!

■Hotel Excellent Ebisu
Cafe & Restaurant Marble
150F, 0021-1-9 Ebisu Nishi, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 5-2

■ANA InterContinental Hotel Tokyo
Atrium lounge
107F, 0052-1-12 Akasaka, Minato-ku, Tokyo 33-2

Of course, you can also apply in Ikebukuro!
Please check the steps below for how to apply for Ikebukuro, Ebisu, and Akasaka.

① Select the branch you want to use: “Ikebukuro”

②Choose “Ikebukuro, Ebisu, Akasaka” from the interview location

③ Fill in the required information and click "Send" to complete (*^^*)

Dear gentlemen who are interested in Universe Club
Please consider meeting in Ikebukuro, Akasaka, or Ebisu! !

Thank you very much.

Author of this article

After graduating from 23, I joined the company as a coordinator.My name is Yui Amamoto.She is currently working at the Ikebukuro branch.