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Thank you for your continued patronage of Universe Club.
My name is Yuya Unno and I am a staff member at the Ginza branch!

Without further ado, I would like to thank all of you who are reading this blog.QuestionsThere is.

Please forgive me for making the title "○○" seem like a joke.


If you had any plans for the club, what would they be?

“I definitely want to participate!”

Do you think so?

This is because the Ginza branch, where I currently belong, is currently devising a project that many members can enjoy and participate in.
However, we are having difficulties in getting this plan out.

We would like to borrow the help of everyone who is reading the Universe Club staff blog...!That's why I asked you this question.

There are various ideas such as simulation golf and darts, but none of them have been finalized.

Something that makes you think “This is it!!!”big ideaCould you please give me...?



In terms of past plans,

◆Summer-like!Planning a date in yukata
◆Planning a date at a beach house with a sense of openness

And so on.

We want you to have a date that is a little different from your usual dates and an experience that feels special.
I would love to participate in a date plan like this.
Please let me know your ideas...😭😭

There is no problem with comments or email inquiries to the Ginza branch.
Please feel free to contact us.

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