Recent situation of Osaka branch

Thank you for all your continued patronage.
This is Fukunaga from Universe Club Osaka Branch.

Recently at the Osaka branch, various reforms?We are changing, so we will introduce you!

According to science, maintaining the status quo is"Degenerate"It seems so, so I'm trying various things and trying to change, for better or worse.
Among the members"It doesn't matter which one."I think there are some things that seem to be, but I will only introduce you.

The first one"Prior guidance of some women to excellent Black members"!
If you suddenly put people who are likely to be popular on the membership site, you will be flooded with offers and it will be difficult to adjust the schedule, which is not good for both men and women. We will guide you in advance before uploading.

The first one"Staff blog posts twice a month"!
We are trying to have each staff write a total of two blogs, one with a fixed theme and one that can be written freely.
There are staff who are good at writing and staff who are not good at writing, but I would appreciate it if you could watch over me warmly.

The first one“We also do activities other than regular dates twice a month.”It is that.
About thisMember sitePlease take a look.

The first one"Movement of Shimoda".
Mood maker Shimoda has been transferred from the Nagoya branch to the Osaka branch.
Counseling interviews are also being accepted!

The first one"Take a video when deciding on a relationship type".
Many times until now"Isn't the club guiding the dating type?"I've been told.But I didn't really do that.
Please refer to the expression and atmosphere when choosing.
(This is an initiative initiated by the Sapporo branch)

I'm sure other branches have various initiatives and changes, but
I wanted to let people other than members in Osaka know about it, so I took this opportunity to introduce it.
*Please note that what we have introduced is a recent initiative, and may change if there are any problems.

Well, from tomorrow 10/1Registered branch office systemBegins!
By all means, West Japan(especially Osaka)Please change to the area of ​​! !

Thank you for reading to the end.
Thank you for your continued support of Universe Club.

Universe Club Osaka Branch
Ryota Fukunaga

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