I don't like dates like this ~Fukunaga's case~

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This is Fukunaga from Universe Club Osaka Branch.

Of the theme blog of September of the Osaka branch"I hate dates like this~"I would like to write about the date.

I don't go on many dates in my private life, so after looking at various surveys, I'm going to write about dates that I thought might be a bit distasteful.

that is"A date where everything is entrusted to you"!

"Please tell us your preferred date and time."
"Where should we meet?"
"Do you have any meal requests?"
I was asked at the date adjustment stage, and I thought that it was a person who would match the wishes of the woman.

So far so good...

Just post-date feedback
"Where should I shop?"I was asked, I did not make a reservation,
Since it was Sunday night, everywhere was crowded and I had to wait to enter.
I didn't say anything from myself, and I'm tired of shaking the topic from here.
A questionnaire with the contents was returned.

The man may have tried to meet the wishes of the other party as much as possible, but I thought it would be smoother if he decided to some extent and took the lead.

This time, I wrote from the point of view of myself if I were a woman.

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