What's wrong with turning down an offer! ! !

We become indebted to.

Recently, I've been asked by the staff around me, "Mr. Nakagawa, you're irritated! What's wrong?"
I am Asuka Nakagawa from the Universe Club Osaka Branch.

According to Kurosaki, even if he takes calcium, his irritation won't go away.
``There is no scientific basis for reducing irritation even if you take calcium.'' (laughs)



A new frustration came to such frustrated Nakagawa.

A certain offer flooded the other day Another new offer for a popular woman.
(By the way, the number of offers at this point is within one hand. There is 1 confirmed date)

Nakagawa: Mr. ○○, I got a new offer! ! How about XNUMX:XNUMX on XNUMXth? (regular offer email)

Woman: Can I just decline the offer from 〇〇?


Nakagawa: Can you tell us why you declined the offer?

Woman: I became anxious as more and more offers were decided.

Nakagawa:? ? ?

(((( ;゚Д゚))) (((( ゚Д゚))) (((( ゚Д゚)))

this is,,
What is this all about?
Why did you come to register in the first place?
It is a mystery wrapped in mystery.

Everyone has different reasons for registering.
Although it is each, because I want an offer, because I want a meeting,
The final motive for registration should be the same for everyone.

If you refuse for that reason, at the first interview
I would like you to say something like "I can only go on three dates, so after that I will withdraw or take a break."

In the club comment, this woman only wants 3 dates, so
If you want to invite men, please make an offer as soon as possible.
I can tell men like that (●`□´●)

A reason is required to decline an offer.
You cannot refuse without any reason.
Men shouldn't be convinced either.

If you refuse, please give a proper reason.

Ladies who have already registered
Ladies and gentlemen who are about to enroll in the Universe Club

There is one thing you must never forget! ! ! !
In the first place, the fact that the offer comes is itself a great thing, isn't it? ?
If there are 2 registered women, wouldn't it be nice to have 3 or XNUMX offers?

if an offer comes
"I was chosen from among the thousands of women out there as many as the stars☆
I have to dress up a lot, be fully prepared, and never be late, no matter what happens.
If I make this case unprofessional, I might never get an offer again..."
I hope you feel like this.

That's all for Nakagawa's usual chopstick rest blog.

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