What is "loneliness"

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This is Sumire Minakami from Universe Club Tokyo Main Store.
It's been a long time since my blog's turn.



Recently, I've been thinking a lot about the feeling of being lonely.

It is often the reason why men join
The reasons are "loneliness" and "seeking healing".

Even if you say that, after all, you're looking for a physical relationship, right?
Excuses, excuses (laughs), Minakami used to think that.


However, recently when I was interviewing

"Come to think of it, I often listen to people's stories and circumstances, but they don't ask me anything about myself."

Yes, I suddenly started to feel a feeling of loneliness.
I think this is similar to what men think of as "loneliness".


Of course, since I am in the position of being interviewed, I am aware that most of the time I am not asked about my circumstances.

"How is Mizukami doing at this time?"
"What type do you like?"
"Why did you take this job?"

There are also women who say things like this from time to time.

The one that shows "the attitude of trying to know this thing" is
Sometimes I think it's a happy thing.



As a type of favorite man who often asks at the interview of women,
There are a lot of people who say, "Someone who can talk to me."

I get nervous because...
I don't know what to talk about...
As a basic listener...

I think that there are various reasons why they "tell me".

However, a date where only one person talks,
I feel like I'm getting kind of empty.
I feel something close to playing alone.


Even if you are nervous, even if you are not good at talking,
Even if you are not interested, just having an attitude of trying to get to know the other person,
Your impressions and impressions of other people will surely change.


Some people feel communication by talking or touching their skin.

The more you age, the more you feel when you touch your skin
Recently, I'm starting to feel that there will be more (laughs)

I want to touch your soft body.I want to bury my face
I think this is closer to instinct.

Even if you just shake hands when you say goodbye, in a sense, the points are high.



If it is an encounter at a dating club, it is true to some extent
There may be a part that can be divided with money.

However, the more we value communication in various places, the more trust we have in each other.
I think you will feel like "I want to see you again, I want to touch you".


Sumire Minakami

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