first time with you

Thank you for watching.
I am Fukuda from the Omiya branch.

Before you know it, tomorrow will be October!

Thanks to you, the Omiya branch has increased inquiries,
It seems that men all over the country are also checking it out.
Thank you!

There must be many members who think that they want to avoid girls who have already dated many times.

Despite the fact that Omiya always has more than 400 members,
A woman with zero dating history is still sleeping...
Of course, it's also because Fukuda's sales force is still lacking...

Isn't the place where women registered in Omiya live far away?You can't help but think that.
However, many women registered in Saitama work in Tokyo,
Many children who work in Saitama prefecture go to Tokyo on holidays.

In addition, the Omiya branch covers the northern Kanto region, so women from Gunma, Nagano, Tochigi, and Ibaraki
Compared to the women in Saitama, the number is small, but we are enrolling.
Please check it out.

Offer 0!Dating history 0!
I want to dedicate it to you for the first time! !

In the club, it is NG to tell the specific number of times, but I can tell you that I have no dating history!
If you contact us, we will introduce you to a woman with zero dating history.

We are waiting for inquiries from men who want to steal their first time.

Universe Club Omiya Branch

Itsuki Fukuda

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