I don't like dates like this ~For Mano~

I am Mano, who is always indebted to me.

I would like to write about the theme of the September theme blog of the Osaka branch, "I don't like this kind of date."

This time, I will write a little personal "I hate it".

Even if you take me to a nice 3-star Michelin restaurant on a date,
Even if I look like a type, if I'm a dating type C,
No, B over C? !Or even if it's an ambiguous B (← It doesn't matter, sweat..)
Feeling cold in an instant..., that is,

"Hands, nails are growing dirty"I'm a man.

Well, when I was young, I used to get irritated just by looking at the nose hairs wafting from one of my nostrils.
I won't be upset if my nose hair sticks out, so I'll push it into my nose.

However, if you see "hands and nails growing dirty" during a date,
I wonder if I can touch it with this finger
"Gyaa! ! 』And it cools down in an instant.

At the Osaka branch, we will shoot a video of the "lover diagnosis questionnaire" for women at the time of interview.
To the question "What type of men are you not good at?"
The most common opinion among women is "filthy man" .
Definitions of filth vary, but poorly groomed hands and nails are also factors that women see in men as filthy.

Also, in the question in the video, there was a question about "what fetish" to the woman,
It is also true that many women say, "I like men's hands! Hand fetish" by far!

In fact, many women look at men's hands,
For women, men's hands are one of the most important parts.
Worthy of a sexy symbol☆

No matter how handsome you are, if your nails are long and dirty,
I will definitely pull it.

Disappointed... or rather, physiologically, I refuse...
I will remove it from the boyfriend candidate with haste.

A man with perfect nail care wins the first step in love.

I think it's no exaggeration to say...
Be sure to take care of the basics of grooming for gentlemen, nails and hands,
I would like you to have a date, and I hope you will spend time where women can entrust themselves with peace of mind.

In addition, the voice of a female member who said, "I don't like this kind of date."
I would like to introduce you.

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