"I don't want to break up" when saying goodbye! ?

I am Ren Kurosaki, sub-chief coordinator of the West Customer Loyalty Group Osaka branch.

This time, about the matter that happened to be talked about at the office
I'm going to talk about something that I've become passionate about.

When a dating man and woman say goodbye
Scenes and situations where one person says "I don't want to break up!"
I think it's a common scene in dramas, comics, and in reality.

I understand your feelings.
Because I like it.
Because it's an honest feeling.

It may be cute if it's a momentary feeling
It's different for the farewell story to flow slowly
This is ignoring that feeling even though the other person says "I want to break up".
You are just forcing your feelings on others.
In other words, is it abnormal for me to feel that I am “selfish”?
Are you really happy to continue dating without breaking up?

In other words, even though I said, "I'm full," I was forced to eat.
Even though I said, "I won't get an erection anymore, I won't get an erection."

Because the staff has bought antipathy
(just a joke)
This time I was allowed to write such content!

Universe Club
Osaka Branch
Ren Kurosaki

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