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My name is Naoki Hatta from Universe Club Ikebukuro Branch.

[Do I need a relationship type?] such as
Now that I think about it, this is the first time I've seen a blog with somewhat edgy content.

Due to strong requests from everyone,
The relationship types have changed a bit, and type B has been subdivided! !
Notice of relationship type change

For some people, it may be good, but for others it may cause more trouble...

At times like that!!
For more information, please contact us.BLACKIf you are a member, we have a dedicated contact point for inquiries, so please use the inquiry service before making an offer!

Well, I guess there's been no news recently.
After doing some searching, I found the following article.

(A 26-year-old woman who was injured in the death of a man during a "Papa-katsu" trial admits in her first trial that there is "no doubt" about the charges.)引用YahooNews

The incident itself happened two years ago, and I was still working from home at the time.
After that, I was assigned to the Ikebukuro branch, so I was wondering if something like this happened nearby...

Disagreeable,too scary
After 3 yen was stolen from him, he was stabbed to death in the chest and right thigh with a box cutter.
And in Ikebukuro! ? I think I was probably scared of it two years ago.

Regardless of my father's life,
Troubles between men and women will not go away.
Personally, I believe that the world is always in the Warring States period.

No one knows when, where, or what will happen.

There have been many core fans in the past, including stalkers, voyeurs, molesters, underwear thieves, etc.
For me, the possibility is not ruled out, so I always take care when walking at night. (Really)

Don't be complacent just because you're a man or have trained.
There is a quote by Saori Yoshida that I personally like.

"I'm glad I was born a woman. If I were born a man, I'd probably kill people in matches."

In China, it is sometimes called "despair."

It's a fairly rare case, but...
Adventures involve danger. In order to avoid this risk, advance preparation is necessary.

If you have any concerns, please use our contact service instead of gambling.

I will answer to the best of my ability!

I was also a core fan✋If you know anyone, please let me know!

We are looking forward to hearing from you.

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