​Changes in Universe Club and this industry over the past 10 years

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And on a personal note, it has been 2 years since I joined Universe Club on February 5th.

In terms of large companies and society, 10 years of experience at work means that new employees are about to graduate and have grown a little hairy. Will you be able to step into the midfield soon? No, is that still the case?

Is not it.

As I was immersing myself in the memories of all the things that had happened, I realized that... so many things had happened... so many memories came back to me.
I decided to write about the Universe Club and the changes in this industry that I have experienced since joining the company.


But, but.
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When I joined the company, it was a much more underground industry than it is now.

We are currently celebrating our 12th anniversary, so Universe Club was established 12 years ago.

I joined the company at the Nagoya branch, but I had heard that the Nagoya branch was actually the first branch opened after Tokyo.
Although it is now run by the headquarters, it was originally a franchise.


So, the reason I joined the company was when I was interested in a job posted at Hello Work as ``marriage-hunting'' and went for an interview.At that time, the representative, Kida, told me that ``Actually, I run a dating club.'' What is a club? It was there that I learned for the first time in my life that such a type of industry existed.


It wasn't an industry that was publicized at all, and at that time the term ``daddy-katsu'' hadn't even been coined yet; it was a date club, a mistress, a long-legged man, a patron, a rich man's second wife, and it was probably a little dirtier than it is now. That was the world.

There are many dating clubs that have been around for a long time, and there was a time when Universe Club was a newcomer. I got a lot of flak from other clubs.


There were no women who searched for dating clubs and came to register.
The social club industry was such a gray area that it wouldn't even be listed on job posting sites for night jobs.

In my private time, I happened to meet the manager of a night job recruitment site that I often see around town, and I tried to negotiate with him to see if he could post our advertisement, but to no avail.


The women who come to register have a slightly different atmosphere than they do now.
“Side job high hourly wage” “Part time job high hourly wage” “Mistress introduction”I searched for the word ``to'' and found it.If anything, I am having a little more trouble with money than I am now, but I have something I want to do for the future, so I would like some support.I am reluctant to work in the commercial or adult entertainment industry, but I am looking for something with a good hourly wage. I feel like there were many women who wanted to earn money outside of their regular jobs.

What is a dating club for such women? Since we are starting from that point, we also have a registration interview.

“Do you know about the dating club?”
“No, I don’t know at all.”
"I see! You've come to a strange place that I don't know much about! Well, let me explain from there first."

In a room in a multi-tenant building where a middle-aged man who looks like a yakuza or a strong-looking two-tuck all-back pomade is making you swell with the fumes of a cigarette... To the women who come with such an image, they decide to come. It was a daily routine for me to explain things starting from the ``ko'' character in the dating club.

There was a time when there was far less information than there is now, so many women declined to register after hearing this explanation, and even after registering, many women became suspicious and ended up quitting because they couldn't contact them. There were times when I felt that the staff (me) were not able to provide sufficient explanations to make people feel at ease.

However, I've been thinking recently that there may have been more recognition than now that dating clubs = mistresses, and that there may have been more women who went on dates with more determination than they do now.

I don't know if this is a denominator issue or not.


I think that the presence of daddies and patrons was a common occurrence among women in the fishing industry and the sex industry, so I think women in those professions were more aware of dating clubs than women in general, and had more registrations. To do. Still, it wasn't much at all.

From the male side, there were far more voices saying that they vaguely understood that this kind of world existed, but they didn't know how to search on the internet to find it.

Therefore, the number of male members joining was really low, and there were months when there was only one member or not.
I think that the sudden increase in recognition that followed due to exposure in a weekly magazine was probably one of the turning points for Universe Club.

Because the number of admissions was limited, I think I learned the following lessons: Don't waste a single phone call, go for an interview even outside business hours if you want, and reply to calls as quickly as possible. .

( Then, I met this pervert.

Ah, I didn't have a roundtable discussion after all...

That's why I would like to interview the introduced woman at 0 o'clock! Even though I was told that it was midnight, I just accepted it as normal (I can't even think about it now), but the woman I interviewed at that midnight was a super, super strong girl, and I still feel nostalgic thinking about how fun it was just thinking about it. There is also.


At that time, in addition to Universe Club, I was also working on group companies.
I wasn't given such an explanation when I joined the company, so I was fooled! However, I did it because I had no choice but to do it or quit, but the work at that group company was even more powerful.

I'm basically the type of person who doesn't mind making dirty jokes in conversations with male members, but even though I have no past work experience in the entertainment business, I'm sure I can tolerate it.FaultMaybe it's thanks to you. (I'm not being biased or anything)

This is something I cannot write about here, but I would like to publish an autobiography someday.
is there demand?


Wow, this is getting long.


I'm sorry, but isn't this just my memory?
Is there a demand for this?


This is only my first year at the company, lol


Changes in member sites, etc.
The story of how she changed from being a mistress to being a father, etc.
Stories that made me really angry,
There are many other topics, such as the history of relationship type changes and allowance issues, but I will decide whether to continue writing based on the number of views this article has.


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