It was unilaterally blamed on me and I was forced to resign.

In the question box,

“They unilaterally blamed me and forced me to resign.
I just can't accept it
I'm thinking of filing a lawsuit against the woman, the staff, and Universe Club to invalidate her withdrawal, but are there any past cases? ”

There was a note saying.


>Are there any past cases?

If that was the question, I don't think there was one as far as I know.
In the first place, I believe there have been lawsuits in the past that have resulted in the loss of membership status, such as golf membership rights.
Most of the time, I agree to the terms and conditions before joining, so I don't think I would have won.

Recently, there has been a Tabelog trial.In the first trial, the restaurant won, saying that it could not accept that the restaurant's score had been lowered, regardless of the restaurant's evaluation, but in the second trial, the restaurant won. Is there a rational reason why the log side lowered the score of a particular store? And so, the shop side is losing out.

I'm curious to see what will happen at the Supreme Court, but I guess we won't see a result in about five years.

Most companies have regulations to avoid losing in court.
We are disposing of it in accordance with the regulations.
If you think about it that way, I think it would be difficult to win a lawsuit unless there is evidence that the decision was wrong, but I'm not a trial professional, so I don't really know what's going on.

To begin with, I've never heard of a case where the blame is unilaterally placed on the man, but there are many cases where it can be clearly determined that the man is lying.

Regarding the case of voyeurism that I wrote about two posts ago, men's lies are often exposed.

However, if you ask why you are not satisfied, there are cases where the staff may have misunderstood.
If you just write "I am the person who wrote this" in the comment here and include your email address properly (the email address will not be visible to those reading the blog (only the staff can see it), of course. If you write your address in the comment field, everyone will see it, so please enter it in the email address field.)

Please see the comments and let me know more details.
You can also send an email.

However, it is said that the footage was stolen, but I am not convinced.
In that case, even if you give me the details, I think the woman is more reliable.

If it's something other than voyeurism,
I think there may have been a misunderstanding somewhere.
Staff members do not make decisions on their own, but consult with their superiors and their superiors before making a decision such as forced resignation, so I think it would be a serious situation if multiple staff members made the wrong decision.

However, I will check it thoroughly, so if you are still not satisfied, please write it in the comments.


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