It is said that letter dating will be abolished, but there are many opposing opinions.

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The following post was posted in the question box regarding letter dates.

``I don't think this is something to post in an anonymous question box, but I would like to express my opinion as a member.I heard that letter dating will be abolished, but since there are many opposing opinions, only black members will continue.'' What do members other than black members think about this?

I'm a platinum member. To be honest, I don't feel the value of being a black member (the level of women that only black members can choose from), so I feel that being a platinum member is enough.

In the past, I had the bitter experience of being canceled on a real date, or that the woman I met had no desire to be active at all, but with a letter date, I was able to confirm the intentions of the other person in advance, and the woman I met after the letter date I have often heard people say that letter dating is more secure in the beginning because you get to know a lot about the other person before you meet him, so it has many advantages and has been useful to me, so I am disappointed in this decision. think. This is just my personal opinion.

However, are black members the only members who think this way? Does the company know what percentage of members feel disadvantaged by changing the company's services? Is this conclusion based on a survey of members?

For members other than black members, membership fees will not go down even if services are changed, so a reduction in service quality will be semi-forcibly imposed on members.

Did the company think carefully before making such an important decision?
There is nothing we can do about it if the decision is made based on that, but if that is the case, then it is a decision that the members can accept.
I think an explanation is necessary. (I think the current explanation is not enough.)

I have been a member for many years and would like to continue to do so in the future, so I am sorry to hear that your comment was a bit painful. ”


What I thought was

“Then why don’t we go somewhere else?”

is not it.

Well, I'd be in trouble if everyone disappeared.
Having said that, I don't think anyone would write something like this.

Do you write anything other than questions in the question box?

I wonder what it is.

Well, this kind of personRulesHe is a person who cannot protect himself in the first place.
If you write something other than a question in the place where you ask a question, you are writing something because you can't even follow the rules.
It's impossible for people like this to follow the rules.

It's okay to interpret others in your own way and do whatever you want for yourself.
It's clearer than looking at the fire that you're thinking like that and acting like that.

And it's easy to predict that people who write things like this are also treating women in the same way, saying that they should just be okay with themselves.
Naturally, it seems that he is also the one who has received complaints from women.

When you think about it, this personuniverse clubSo I think he's a man I don't need.

In the first place,

Most of the negative feedback is letter dating

Did you know that it is?
This is clearly shown in the data.
Men who use letter dating often have a bad reputation with women.

And a woman who received a letter date offer
universe clubIt's quite possible that she's saying that men are not good.

To be more specific, letter date = receiving a message from a troublesome man.
Souniverse clubIt is better to register with a social club other than
I can even speculate that there are some women who think so.

Then, men who take the trouble to write such things in the question box,
There are many benefits to not being in the universe.

Therefore, at the beginning,

“Then why don’t we go somewhere else?”

That's why.
I don't know why you're so obsessed with Universe.

You just don't have to go to a store you don't like.
On the other hand, stores are trying their best to think about what they can do to attract customers.

In this situation, some shops will survive and others will not survive.
I think that's what it means.
So if you don't like it, you can go elsewhere.
If it's a problem for you to go there, we'll make improvements and deal with it.

I believe that companies that can maintain this balance will be the ones that survive.

It is important to listen to the opinions of our members.
Members are not only men.
If a system that female members find unpleasant remains, I think that the company will eventually disappear in the future.

However, there is a question mark attached to the idea that only one's own opinion is spoken as if it were a matter of course, or that all that is good is for oneself.

In this case, if this man were to leave, Universe's reputation among women would improve, and other male members would be glad that Universe has so many wonderful women.
I wonder if it will be.

letter dateoriginally started as a suggestion from someone who answered a question box, but I think the person who asked this question had a completely different direction in which they wanted to use it.
At first, it was through correspondence with women, like old correspondence.
By the time we got to know each other and met, we were already good friends.
I think I was expecting something like that.
(Sorry if it's wrong)

And certainly, in the past, magazinesCorrespondence cornerThere is that
There was a system in which the full names and addresses of people you wanted to correspond with were written on the back pages of various magazines, allowing you to write letters freely.

Nowadays, it is no longer possible to do such things due to concerns about personal information, but in the past, it was less lenient, and I think there were fewer people who misused it.

From there, we became friends through correspondence, and after we became good friends, we met up and met up.
Then, even though we met for the first time, we can already feel like friends or lovers, an indescribable feeling.
I think it was something like that.

I don't think there are many women who go to dating clubs for that purpose (if that's the purpose, they'll probably meet people of the opposite sex of the same generation), so even if it's just for pen pals.ConsiderationI think you should give

I'm sure the person you want to correspond with understands this as well.
women toopay the price, yet we become friends
I think that's what I wanted to do, or was doing.

However, in reality, the setting fee ischeap (half price)I want to use it from
If you ask about the allowance in advance before deciding whether to meet, you can save money on meals.
There are many people who are thrifty-minded.
This is also transmitted to women, the lack of skill of men
I feel like he's doing things like adjusting the schedule for meetings based on himself.
negative feedbackI think that we are now in a situation where there are only a few people.

Who answered the question box?
I wish I didn't have to pay half the setting fee.
The reason I said this was that saving money was not my goal in the first place.
I was very impressed by the fact that he was a person who had such a solid policy.

Considering this, if the setting fee is the same as usual, most men who use letter datingnegative feedback, I wonder if such a situation would not have happened.
It's a waste of money.

Men are flocking to the store to get it cheaper because it's half price.
This feeling is also expressed in messages to women.
In the end, it makes women feel bad.

It's too terrible a story

If you want something cheap, we have PATOLO.
Even if you don't want to go elsewhere, PATOLO is run by the Universe Group, so it's probably fine.

However, the more such men go to PATOLO, the more
An increasing number of women say they do not want to register with PATOLO.
Isn't it?
PATOLO is full of bad men, isn't it?
I'm worried though
I'm sure the people at the PATOLO division will do something about that.

The person who wrote in the question box this time is
First, work to avoid receiving negative feedback, and then
I think I should have told the staff about the letter date.

However, I think it's because they don't know why they're receiving negative feedback that they write about the violation of the rules in the question box.
I wonder what good adults do...
I will think.

So, do you understand why this happened this time?




Let's just say one thing
You said you would get over me...
I've lived 9 years longer than you, so I'll tell you...
It's not that difficult to beat others...
The most ``difficult'' thing!

Mind you! most“Difficult”teeth!
"Overcoming yourself"さ!
I will overcome my “luck” from now on! !


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