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Isn't there some people who are nervous for Christmas?
As for me, I work hard during Christmas and the end of the year.

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Getting to the point,
How important do you think the members are regarding their relationship type?

The other day, I had the opportunity to meet a friend who is a nurse.
I went out to eat with a good-looking senior and had some alcohol.
I missed the last train and went to the hotel, but there was nothing. . . .

What is the man's mood at this time?what?I was asked a difficult question.

In the dating club, when aiming for a relationship with a purpose,
I think it's good to have a type that understands each other's intentions to some extent,

RarelyaficionadoThere are also people like this, so I got a strong impressionbecome a complaint

vice versagentlemanlybehaving too much
Was I unattractive?and problems like the above from women
After the date, contact me about your worries

How much importance do you place on it?

absolute!Good reference!i don't care about thatEtc. I think there are various things.

I think that it is largely due to the purpose,
Personally, I think it's better to think about it as a fortune-telling in the morning.
I think so!If you have any comments, please feel free to contact us.

Finally, have you finished your last date this year?
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3 Replies to “The Need for Dating Types”

  1. A type close to B
    B type close to A

    is my main battlefield,

    A-B type

    I would like to establish a new
    It seems that there are also people who want the BC type as well.

    It's a selfish proposal that probably won't go through, but I have the impression that the number of type A women is increasing these days, so I have a feeling that more and more women will choose AB type.

    1. It is interesting.
      ・B type near A is AB
      ・A type closer to B is BA
      It seems that women are also worried about it, and there seems to be demand.
      I'm more interested in AB type than BA!

    2. loser man

      We become indebted to.
      Thank you for your valuable opinion!
      More subdivided like A, AB, B, BC, C are
      I think that it will be easier for those who are troubled by the female side to choose.
      However, as a Japanese person, I feel that I am biased towards AB and BC.
      After the first date, it may be good if you change the setting to A, B, C, etc., which is closer to your feelings based on your experience.

      Although it is a difficult part,
      If you have any further questions, I would appreciate it if you could teach me.

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