How to enjoy and conveniently use a “no-loss” dating club

I am always grateful for your help!
My name is Teratsuji from the Sales Promotion Unit of the Universe Club.

つい RecentlyまでIsn't it hot?I should have said that.

Suddenly it's really cold...


Ladies and gentlemen, are you feeling unwell due to the sudden cold weather?
Are you ready for winter in time?
I put up a kotatsu in a hurry yesterday, and my cat immediately took over.

Last week, my son came down with the flu and was off work for a week.

To my boss Sakurai
``Teratsuji's influenza infection is inevitable. ”

I was told that I wouldn't be able to work for about two weeks.
How many days did I work in November?I'm not working at all, but it's okay, isn't it?I thought about this as I was taking care of my son...

Unexpectedly no infection.Avoid Teratsuji influenza.
I was prepared for this before getting vaccinated, but a miracle happened.




Create a blog with SEO in mind somehow!While feeling the atmosphere,
I am regretting that I only write blogs with content that ignores SEO.
I'd like to get to the point where it's acceptable to leave that kind of work to someone who can, because if I'm too conscious of SEO, I'll probably stop typing on the keyboard.

Has Teratsuji's blog direction changed?Please understand that when you feel that way lol


I believe that the post-date survey regarding letter dates for male members has recently been changed, so we would appreciate your cooperation again!

You can read the blog that summarizes data regarding letter dating here.
First part / Second part That's it (it's long)


At this time, all branches“PATOLO Strategy Meeting”I found that it was on my schedule and thought it looked interesting, but it wasn't on my schedule so I couldn't attend.
Can you call me too?

I can't say anything because I don't know the details, but
PATOLO, oh!I think it feels like that. (What does it feel like?)

The flow of PATOLO is to make it more exciting, and each branch,
It seems like we're doing a lot of trial and error, like holding study sessions and campaigns.


Many of the male members of Universe Club choose the dating club instead of the dad-hunting app, so I wonder if there are many who are not interested in it?That's what I felt when I saw it.


Why did the staff choose to intervene?
Why did you choose a dating club instead of a dad-hunting app?
For example, people who had a bad experience with an app and decided to cross the threshold of a dating club.
The usage method differs depending on the number of members.


However, for members who use Letter Date a lot,
It is better to switch to PATOLO than to use Letter Date at Universe Club.
In fact, if you don't use PATOLO, there is a possibility that it will be more troublesome and there is a great possibility that you will be losing money.


that is




Please ask the branch staff!lol




If you mainly use letter dating, please try using PATOLO as if you were cheated.

At this point, I am not a PATOLO staff member, nor am I a staff member at a PATOLO member store, so there is no need to promote PATOLO, but (← I'm sure I'll get scolded for this). Looking at it as a whole, I feel it's a good deal and it's dangerous, so I'm writing about it here.


If you have tried it once and still feel that it doesn't suit you or that you are not PATOLO,
All you have to do is make an offer to Universe Club instead of PATOLO.That's all.


Both Universe Club and PATOLO are scheduled to undergo many changes in the future, so please look for and find the usage method that suits you best.


For men who are considering becoming a new member,
There are many ways to use our club, so please feel free to consult with our staff.


I was actually planning to upload a draft of the blog, but when I re-read it, the content was so boring that I decided to create a new one.

My story about avoiding the flu,not
Promotion of PATOLO!


We hope you will find the most suitable usage method for you and have a fun Universe Club life!
It was a story.


If you are not sure which method is best for you, please contact the branch or person in charge.


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