I have been assigned to the Kobe branch since October!

My name is Takuya Kusumoto and I have been assigned to the Kobe branch from October!

I joined the company as a new graduate in April of this year, and after working in the IT department for half a year, I was assigned to sales.
I had the unusual and valuable experience of working in two departments within six months as a new graduate.

When I was a student, I took advantage of my love of watching baseball games by working as a drink vendor at the stadium.
In professional baseball, there are people who hold a fixed number of seats for a year, so if those regulars like it, they will buy it frequently, so it was necessary to remember the faces and characteristics of the customers!Thanks to that, I think I was able to improve my ability to remember the characteristics of my customers!

At Universe Club, we remember the characteristics of male members and the type of women they like.
I want to use my abilities to promote women!

When I was a student, I had a beer in my hand, and now I work hard every day with a camera in my hand.

I took a break from customer service for about half a year until I got a part-time job when I was a student, so there are a lot of things I'm not used to, but I'm able to do my best by being able to interview beautiful women every day!

In order to quickly become a full-fledged coordinator and provide everyone with a highly satisfying club life, I would like to continue to grow by responding to email and LINE messages more than anyone else, so I hope that all members will be warmly welcomed. I would appreciate it if you could keep an eye on me.

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