[Aspirational] Let us set up a place for communication with everyone! ! ! ! !

Until recently, it was a season where you could wear short sleeves, but long sleeves are now mandatory.
It has suddenly become cold, so everyone please take care of your health.

Oh, I forgot to say my name.
Hello, Universe Club Nagoya branch staff.Asami NagasawaIt is.
Do you all remember Nagasawa?
Who is Nagasawa?I would be happy if you would remember that 💖

Now, this has gotten to the point.
Nagasawa is a talkative person, so he ends up getting to the main topic at length.
This is my second blog...what should I write when I'm so slow?
I've been told that you can write anything, but I find it most difficult to write anything.
After thinking about it, if you say anything is fine, then why not ask Nagasawa to listen to his concerns?This is the result.
I'm sure there are some people who think it's nice to have a blog that's interesting to read, but please listen to the worries of a cute new employee🥹

・Honorific language
Nagasawa is a person who has lived his life with spirit and vigor, so up until now his life has had nothing to do with honorific expressions.
I was really an idiot who could only use ``desu'' and ``masu''...now I'm finally at a level where I can use them like a normal person.
If you are a Nagoya-registered man or woman and have talked with Nagasawa, you may have a vague understanding of what I mean.
Even though I'm on average, I'm at the level of a child in everyone's eyes.
If you hear anything that makes you think, ``Isn't that strange?'' when you call us, please feel free to let us know.
Please watch as Nagasawa grows into a fine member of society.

Photos are the most important part of a woman's profile.
The number of encounters between men and women in the top photo also changes.
I often receive advice from my boss about photography, but what kind of photographs actually attract my attention?

Are photos a problem or fatal?I think there are some people who think so.
I've mentioned cameras before, but I'm mostly a beginner.
However, when someone suddenly asks him to take a good photo, Nagasawa is not skillful enough to take a good photo.
More than half a year has passed since I joined the company.“So-so”I think I've grown a lot, but now I'm working hard every day to increase my repertoire of poses.
Were you able to photograph this well?Even if you think about it, you often don't get an offer.

I have a question for the men here.

"What kind of photos would look attractive?"

Is it still the face?Or the chest?Maybe it's the butt?
I'm sure everyone has their own fetishes, but here's a close-up of your face!It emphasized my chest!Even if you take a photo of something like that, it doesn't necessarily mean it's attractive.
But I think they make an offer because something looks appealing.
It may be fatal for Nagasawa to still not understand this, but I would like to hear his actual voice.

The above two are Nagasawa's current concerns.
It may not be a problem for either of them if they have more experience, but Nagasawa seems to have a strong desire and immediately seeks growth.
So, if you read this blog, please give Nagasawa some advice.
If the honorific language is strange, I'll say, ``That's the correct way to say it,'' or if there's a photo I'm a little interested in, I'll say, ``This is really eye-catching.''
I would like to increase communication with everyone, so I hope you will see it as a community forum.
Nagasawa is surprisingly not mentally weak, so please let me know what you think. (He is also the type who thrives on praise)
Whether it's a message, phone call, or in person, anything is fine.

It's been a long time, but we look forward to seeing you.
If you are interested in Nagasawa after reading this blog, please contact us.
If you say, "Call Nagasawa," he will fly away in seconds.

Asami Nagasawa loves concierge services (^▽^)/
(We also welcome those who wish to use the above)

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