Changes in allowances and relationship types over the past 10 years

Ladies and gentlemen, thank you for always using Universe Club.
I'm Teratsuji from the Sales Promotion Unit.

The previousPrologue to Tsuji Tsuji's 10 years of looking back at Universe ClubI'd like to think that it was fairly well received. No, it would have been well received.

Many years ago, there were no manuals in place at all, and the branches were quite small, so we wanted to increase sales at each branch! I did a lot of trial and error.

Nowadays, there are organizations and manuals, and as someone who used to work freely, I feel tied down, but this is the way of the times, and that's how organizations are supposed to work.

In the past, when Teratsuji had a new boyfriend,
“Congratulations campaign for Teratsuji finding a boyfriend”I remembered that it was held at the Nagoya branch.

When making an offer, please write it in the notes section.“Congratulations Teratsuji! ” “Happy Teratsuji! ”If you write this down, we will give you a discount on the setting fee.

Is there such a campaign? lol

This is a serious campaign (held in October 2015)


Now that I'm allowed to promote it, I've become a lot better. Tsuzuki at the time


And twice

Is it campaign harassment?


It's definitely not possible now, but at the timeI got the okay from my boss as well.So I wasn't doing it on my own.

The Nagoya members often hung out with us.
That's a memory from about 9 years ago.


This time, we will focus on women's profiles, especially changes in relationship types,
I also looked back at the changes in my allowance situation.

Due to changes in membership sites, there used to be only three profile photos for women. Just bust-up, sitting, and standing poses.

My camera was a single-lens reflex camera, just like it is now, but the office was bare and small with almost no furniture, and I didn't have the luxury of being as particular about the background as I do now, so I decided to put a green plant diagonally behind where the woman was standing because it looked lonely. Or put it on. That's the level.

There was also a video, but it was more shaky than it is now, and there were times when I just smiled and waved and it was over.

Now I take 6 photos, selfies, and 2-3 videos, and I use a tripod so there's no camera shake! I miss the days when I would get drunk and feel sick just by watching shaky videos.

But if there are people, even more! more! That's what I want,
That staff member is no good because there are no erotic questions in the video.
The staff doesn't check the sound quality properly, so what are they doing? It's like that, but the female voice is clearer than before.
The number of questions is also increasing.

In the past, some staff members only wrote about 3 lines of comments, but now the content that should be entered for each item is determined, so although it varies depending on the staff member, there is a lot of information in the interview. There are many questions to ask women when...

At first, it was so small that it was completed on a single A4 sheet of paper, but from there, the staff came up with their own ideas, and the trial and error of the staff led to the idea that men would be happy if they heard this and that. There is.

Of course, there may be things that can be improved further, but the profile has been refined to one that puts the members first.

Feedback after the date has also been quite substantial.
Did something like that exist in the past? Did you do that? However, the amount of information was not large enough to be used for the benefit of other members.

Sometimes I think it's just good and bad.


In the past, there was less information“Then, first, let’s meet what kind of woman she is.”Purely"encounter"I feel that there were many male members who enjoyed it.

Nowadays, there is a lot of information, so it is better to carefully check the comments and videos, ask the staff in advance what kind of woman she is, and ask about her reputation.“Efficiently meet people with fewer mismatches”Is it?

Of course, since all of our members are high-status, extremely busy men, it is natural to consider cost-effectiveness.
Therefore, I feel that the profile and system have evolved to be more tailored to male members.


Which one is better? I sometimes think,
This is obvious if you look at it from a member's perspective.
It's a bit of a lonely part.


My relationship type is currently ``A”, “B1”, “B2”, “C”, “D”is not it.

Some people complained that the previous B type was difficult to understand, so a while ago the B type was divided into two.
I think it was a pretty big change, but how many times should I start playing B1? Three times! 3 times! 10 times! And there are even more voices of dissatisfaction lol

I think a while ago, there was a thing for E-types that said, ``I don't need transportation expenses for the first time, so please give me a chance to meet you.''
Before that, the E type was even more than the current D type (aggressive).super superPositive and rather welcome! There were also things like that.

“Super super welcome (I want money)! ”

``(I don't need money at first) Please meet me! ”
Personally, the change to was more shocking, because true! The exact opposite! is not it?
However, it has been accepted easily and without any particular confusion.
I remember being impressed by the great adaptability of all the members.

This is also a trend of the times.
As far as I know, the relationship type has been twice? It has been changed.
It might change once every five years, I don't know.


The allowance situation has also changed.

In the past, yes.

By the way, as a staff member, we are not allowed to talk about allowances! I sometimes feel like this, but I don't think collecting information on benefits is against the law.

Of course, I see and hear about allowances on the internet and various other places, but 10 years ago, when I was looking at the market, the number was around 3 to 5.

Women who earn more than 5, 7, or 10 are models, women who look like models, have classy manners and behavior, and women who can be called "mistresses". Looks like that's what I'm aiming for.

But wouldn't it be impossible to pay 3 yen now? I think we live in an era where the starting base for negotiations is 5 yen.


As a club staff member, I honestly don't care about the conditional amount (I know this sounds bad).
It doesn't matter to us how much you spend with us. The role of the dating club is to support the encounter of men and women who want to have a relationship where they can have a relationship for a fee.

Therefore, originally
Men and women who desire a relationship that involves compensation
As long as we all agree, there is no problem.
You can't touch how much a man wants and how much a woman wants.
There is no need to write down the level of your financial sense on your profile (I feel that way).

However, in that case, a mutual mismatch will occur.
If you have some kind of guideline, you can meet the man's wishes even a little.

So, as a result of narrowing it down and thinking about it at the club, we found out that this is how women feel about money based on various factors. The idea is to write down your predictions in your profile.

Members have asked me to provide more information on allowances, but the representative also said that
“Then could you give me a good idea? ” was the answer.
(I forget where it was)

BeforeI wrote a blog about money sense.Sometimes,
Even though it said that my financial sense was average, I got a ``-2'' on the survey because it was expensive.
Could you please give me some more detailed information?
I want you to tell me the amount of your allowance in some hidden language or something.

You can't do it? I'm not doing it because I can't do it, right?
The fact that I haven't done it in 12 years means it would be bad if I tried it, right?

I often get asked about my financial sense and monthly goals, which I have distilled down from my 12 years of operation, so I don't need to write about them in the first place. However, I am thinking that if I include something as a guideline, it might be useful for members to consider.If I say too much, there is a possibility that the description of financial considerations will be abolished due to club rules. may also come out.

Although the overwhelming majority of members understand our policy, there are a few who are not convinced.

In short, he said that the allowance situation for both men and women has changed considerably over the past 10 years.

Will it continue to change?
How will things change from now on?


Last time, I only looked back at the beginning, about my first year with the company.
I'm a bit bored with this, so I think I'll end this series.

If I have a chance, I will remember and write about it. perhaps. someday.


I recently started reading professional mistress manga, and it was quite interesting.
I forget the title, but it was about a very dark world and I was shocked.


Our atmosphere is lighter than in the manga, but 10 years later, I still feel like we're in a different world, and I enjoy the gap between myself working at Universe Club every day and my private life.


Thank you for reading this long and difficult to read article!


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