I was transferred to the department promoting the use of the Sales Promotion Unit.


Thank you all for everything!
I'm Haruka Igawa from Universe Club, and I'm Teratsuji from Nagoya.


last April,
Dissatisfied with the move from home to office work

Returning to the branch system, I've gotten used to it a lot, and the interview setting work has become fun. Come on, teamwork!It's like, I'm getting excited!arrowhead...

May this year.




I bought an electric bicycle for 10 yen,
I went home again.
I only used the e-bike for a year.
Cospa is too bad.
But I'm really grateful to be at home, thank you.


And Teratsuji's new transfer destination is


Promotion of use of sales promotion unit

By the way, what happened in the company?Where is that?This is a newly established department from this April that has not penetrated at all.

Continuing from last year, Sakurai is written as my direct supervisor.


In March, I had the opportunity to say hello to the members in charge.

When talking about the new department, almost all members
"Prosperity? ’,

I'm not sure about that point at this stage, but lol

However, I've been using my brain, which I haven't used much so far, from morning to evening, so it's only been two days since I started with exhaustion.



It looks like this.


Well, I'm Teratsuji, I'm a fraud habitual criminal who writes blogs soon, but from now on I can write more than before! (My boss told me to write it), so
I hope to be able to upload a blog about the content I wanted to write someday.

About letter dating in the previous blogI just said that I should write, and I'm waiting for a letter date blog for various members!It is often said.
The hurdles have risen a bit.
It may not be such a big deal, but eventually ... lol


By the way, what is the use promotion for sales promotion?
To be honest, there are still some things I don't quite understand.

No, I understand.

For customer satisfaction!

It's a department that thinks, creates mechanisms, and holds meetings.

It's the stage of thinking about where to start and how to start, so immediately!Satisfied members!It's an honest impression that it's quite difficult to do something like that.


I don't know how much I can do within the organization,
GO!Even if it comes out, I don't know how long it will take until it takes shape.

However, at the end of the year, the results
"It was a prosperity! as they say

I would like to be devoted to the days while doing this.


Shiteratsuji has entered the 10th year of joining this company.

To the member I met the other day,
"It's hard to handle if you take it to the company, isn't it?"
Did you say?smile
do you cry?smile


In order to increase the satisfaction of each member who has joined the Nagoya branch as a staff member of the Ichi branch!I was doing business thinking that

From now on, I will continue to think about the members of the Universe Club from a bigger perspective every day (heavy)



I would like to be like this.

Please be gentle with me.
We would appreciate it if you could let us know if you have any concerns in the opinion box or feedback.


No, it's impossible wwwwwwwwwwww


Of course, there are quite a few voices like this, but I'm going to read them one by one.
Thank you very much for your valuable opinion for the club.

Based on the feedback from our members,
A new system change will be implemented soon.
I think that various opinions will come out, but I personally have a feeling that it will be better than now.

I will do my best to come up with a lot of reforms to get rid of such stereotypes and get a lot of bonuses.


just kidding.
No, I'm not kidding. I want a lot of bonuses.


From now on, automation will progress more, and thanks to ChatGPT and AI, blogs will be completed in about tens of seconds, even if I don't write, just drink coffee and pick my nose.

However, I haven't created a ChatGPT account yet, and I would like to deliver a blog that I can't write on ChatGPT.

(I'll let you know again if I create an account and it's super convenient lol)


One of my duties (I think) is to increase the number of staff members who can provide sincere service, so I will do my best to satisfy our members even a little more.

I guess I'll be commuting to the Nagoya branch again on an electric bicycle after a year lol
I'm faintly aware that there are members who are somehow expected, but a year ahead is darkness.

[Promoting the use of the Sales Promotion Unit]
It's a little hard to remember, so it's enough if you just remember the name Teratsuji.


Thank you for your continued support of Teratsuji and the Universe Club this year.


PS [Usage promotion] Sakurai and Teratsuji are looking for male members who can talk about various things online for about 30 minutes to 1 hour.
(Meeting face-to-face is fine! It's Nagoya! It's okay to have a spare time when you're on a business trip!)
How can we contact you?Please send an e-mail or LINE to the appropriate branch office.

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A concierge who can go to the meeting (let me go to the meeting) to deliver a real voice

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    1. MD

      Thank you for your comment!
      Thank you for always watching

      By all means, please let me talk about promotion (^^)
      We will contact you!

  1. Mr. Teratsuji
    You were transferred.Recently, I haven't been appearing in the club's comments, so I wonder what's going on. I wanted to hear the power that creates "that comment" once.Please tell me about it. (Is it the other way around, lol)

    1. Mr. Nishiyama

      Thank you for your comment!
      Yes...I apologize for not being able to report directly to everyone💦
      It's not as big as the power to create comments lol
      vice versa!smile
      I would love to hear from you, so please get in touch!

  2. Mr. Teratsuji, I seem to have seen your name somewhere, so I feel nostalgic.
    Of course I've never met you, but I'm curious.Thank you for the opportunity to work in the Nagoya Kansai area.
    We wish you all the best.Thank you 😊

    1. Mr. Tsugio Sato

      Thank you for your comment!
      It's embarrassing because it's just an old-fashioned existence...lol
      please!We would appreciate it if you could talk to us when you come to Nagoya.
      Thank you for saying that, I will do my best not to be embarrassed

  3. Mr. Teratsuji
    Nice to meet you.
    "Currently, I'm hitting a wall with my club activities, and I'm at a loss as to what kind of woman to offer.
    That's right, that's what it feels like!?
    If you have a chance to go to the direction of Nagoya ... Moyamoya by all means?If that's all right...I would love to talk to you.I don't have any specific travel plans for the time being.sometimes….
    We become indebted to.We wish you all the best in your future endeavors.

    1. Mr. Yamamoto

      Thank you for your comment!
      Was it an acclaimed moyamoya period?
      yes!If you are traveling to Nagoya on a business trip, we will take care of that ambiguity, so please feel free to contact us at any time!
      I'm sorry if I can't clear up the moyamoya! !

      it is my pleasure!

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