Papa's active saying, it begins.

Papa's active saying, it begins.

Tell us about your real-life experience in aphorisms.

A maxim is "a word of commandment in simple words. Aphorism."

Simple words contain persuasive content.
This time, at the Universe Group, we would like to express the real image of dad activities in the genre of this proverb, to spread awareness and experience stories to many people, and to understand the true appearance of dad activities itself. I planned a contest.

Whether you have just started this activity or have been doing it for a long time, I think each of you has important memories.
Could you share in your own words the moment when you savored the regret and happiness of that time?

Contest content

  • Explain the concept by quoting a famous saying.
  • Express your own experiences and thoughts into maxims and explain concepts.

Etc., it is possible to post as many as one person.

Wanted period

Posting period:From May 2023, 5 to the end of December 1

Result announcement: Scheduled for late August 2024

Prize money

We will send you wonderful prizes if you are selected as the best prize.

Gold prize: Amazon gift 10 yen x 1
Silver prize: Amazon gift of 5 yen x 2
Excellence Award: Amazon gift 1 yen x 10

Excellence Award Decision Method

It's a complete voting system.
It will be decided by the votes of those who are watching the Universe Club.

proverb example sentences

Soichiro Honda
Instead of being afraid to fail, be afraid to do nothing

Male Euglena in his 40s

I tell myself when I see a female profile and feel weak.Life is finite, there is no time to hesitate.And I keep telling myself during dates.
when you're just about to be a good person

Facts don't exist.there is only interpretation

30s Female Mamiko @ Papa Katsu

why?Is that what dating type B is all about?It's very different from the explanation I heard when I joined
If that's OK, what should I believe from today?
I know, Nietzsche, what is a relationship type

Konosuke Matsushita
Don't lament what you don't have, make use of what you have

I'm Hiroshi, male in his 30s.

It's a pity, really a pity.Favorite food, hobbies, way of thinking, looks, love golf, love alcohol, looking for a long-term partner, all of them are perfect.
not enough bust cups

everyone carries their own hell

Male in his 40s, 10 years of company management

Love hell, marriage hell, alimony hell.
There are a wide variety of hells related to dad activities.
For those who live as dads, what they carry is between heaven and hell.

By experiencing loneliness, people can be strict with themselves and kind to others.In any case, the character is polished.

Male in his 50s Loves mistletoe

Being a business owner is loneliness.
That's why I want to do something about loneliness, so I seek healing for myself in a place called a dating club.
You can't be strict with your opponent to ask for healing.

Mark Twain
To be successful in life you need two things.Ignorance and confidence.

Female in her 20s majoring in psychology

To be successful on a date, above all else, be confident in yourself. Confidence that you chose me from among many women "because I am".And by showing your opponent that you are ignorant, you can give them an advantage.
A man in such a position will want to see you again.Yes, he pursues him.

Harvey Specter
If you don't take risks, you will live a dull and boring life.

Female in her 30s Green carpet

To gain something, you have to lose something.
Club activities are a condensed form of loss and acquisition.
But that's why you can enjoy fun and thrills.
Free love is as addictive as a drug, as you will understand once you return to a life without such thrills.

Mark Twain
To be successful in life you need two things.Ignorance and confidence.

Male in his 60s Moshi Moshi Kameyo

To live, having a dialogue is to continue to "learn" to the brain.Even in relationships with people you meet at clubs, there is always something to be learned from dialogue with them.There are stories told by female college students who don't understand the meaning of the second half of the generation, and stories told by business owners about "unraveling the mechanism of economic activity based on the rationality of people and markets."Everything is learning.

Jim Roan
If you don't like where you are now, you should change.you are not a tree

Male in his 30s Uncle at the club

If you don't like the Universe Club, you should change the location.If you're getting stepped on and kicked by dating type scams, it might not be the place for you.
Yes, look around and you'll see plenty of dating clubs.I should change the place.But he might come back to the Universe Club.Or rather, there may be the same woman in that different club.

ア リ ス ト テ レ ス
you can't learn without suffering

Male in his 40s, lonely around XNUMX

Many times I failed to offer a woman, and I was refused by a woman many times.
It leads to learning.

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