Of course, there is the response of the staff who clicked.

Thank you all for everything!
I'm Teratsuji from the Sales Promotion Unit.


Isn't it hot today?


last blog the other dayTo


I wrote,From a few male membersThank you for contacting us.


I would like to express my gratitude to you for giving me the opportunity to listen to your story online, and to try to write about it even if it is not possible.


Members who have met once,
Nice to meet you, members
Long-time members of the Universe Club,
It was a fun and varied time.


Not only is it fun, but it is also insightful,
I am very grateful to have been able to study a lot of things, such as what kind of things you actually think about club activities.


I think the raw voice is the most important thing.


write blog about writing scam letter dating,
I also heard a lot of stories about this, so please refer to it.sometimes!One of these days!write…!


There are many members, and all members are very satisfied!I think that is difficult in any business in any world,
As many people as possible were wondering whether to join, but I'm glad I joined.
Rather than becoming a bad memory for the rest of my life, we, the staff, will do our best to make it a memorable experience (in a good way). I think I have to go.


Even if you think that, there are still times when the staff's response will come to you.
I think it's more important who you buy from than where you buy from.


When I move, I ask various companies for estimates.
To be honest, the prices and services are similar.


If other companies quote this much, then what about us?For me to put it out.


Some people value the price,
However, even if the price is cheap, consumers look at various things, such as that they are not doing a suitable job, that they are unfriendly, that their socks are dirty.


In the end, I decided on a moving company with the most pleasant sales person.
I want to ask this person!I remember thinking that. (He was handsome)


The price wasn't the cheapest
It's an image of giving extra money to feel safe and wanting to move comfortably.


What are you talking about?Talk about handsome?I feel like
In short,Staff behavior is very important.


Even if you think it's a good service, the staff's response may make you feel uncomfortable, or you won't use it anymore, or you'll be better off elsewhere.

Universe Club is on the edge of a cliff (that's what I've been thinking since I joined the company)


From the time I joined the Nagoya branch, there is a dating club where Madam is doing alone in Nagoya, but the Madam is super generous (rumor).
Almost everyone who was in the club said.


You are doing it alone, and the distance with the members is very close.
I have heard that the number of members is small, but I have an image that it is a close-knit type with a custom-made feeling that exceeds that and is gaining trust.


I've been doing it all the time thinking that I have to get close to that madam.
We had more members than Madame's club, so wouldn't it be great if we could become a kind and supportive universe?What?


While I was doing that, there was a boom in daddy activities such as apps and other company dating clubs, and I couldn't accept the voices of members who came to interview because they were the number one major.


I feel that just being a major company or having the largest number of branches is enough.
It's also the biggest selling point of the Universe Club, but if you're satisfied with that, you're going to get hurt someday.


I wanted to provide custom-made services that were close to each and every member like Madame, but I was disappointed that I could not do it at all.


There is no excuse for being busy or not having enough staff.I'm paying.


If the scale is large, there are many things that can be done, but on the contrary, I feel that there are many things that cannot be done.
But I think it's wrong to think that it can't be helped because it's a major company.
Even in such a situation, I would like to do my best to think about how to respond warmly.

…It's true, but Teratsuji couldn't help but want to eat fried chicken for dinner.
I will do my job properly.


I'm sorry that it became an article that was hard to read with only letters!


PS [Usage Promotion] Sakurai and Teratsuji are (continuingly) recruiting male members who will talk with us online for about 30 minutes to an hour.
(Meeting face-to-face is fine! It's Nagoya! It's okay to have a spare time when you're on a business trip!)
How can we contact you?Please send an e-mail or LINE to the appropriate branch office.

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    1. Mr. Sato

      Thank you for your comment!
      Online Salon, nice.
      I thought for a moment that I should do it at Teratsuji Online Salon, but it would be sad if there were more than 2 participants, so I gave up lol
      I would like to think of something that you can think of as a wonderful thing.
      I am always grateful for your help!

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