Be honest and single-minded about suspicion. .

We become indebted to.

This is Enma Mamiya, East Customer Loyalty Group Manager.


the other day after a long timevibe barI was happy to hear from the staff at the call center that I had visited Mr. Mamiya's blog.

I was a little disappointed that the lotion cocktail was gone, but with the guidance of the stable Vibe Sommelier, I was finally able to achieve my long-awaited "Sazanami” was obtained! !It seems that the basics are 3 per family.Well, I learned a lot ♡

Since the movement is dangerous anyway, I will send a secret video to those who wish.


Such Mamiya also leaves Tokyo business and leaves SALON and assumes the post of general manager of a vague area called East Japan, and he is spending days in confusion every day.It's almost a year, isn't it?I'm starting to miss interacting with the members. .Damn the management lol

In March, when Master Takita got married and had a baby, I decided to go on a journey to find my future partner.after thatActivities at matchmaking agenciesIt began.

You can adjust the schedule for April and May, so-called "likes", register your free days on the calendar, and select the approximate location, so it's easy to decide.

As instructed by the person who interviewed me, I started making tea appointments for an hour every day.

I met 6 people. 40 people in their 2s 30 people in their 3s 20 person in their 1s

After having tea once, decide "YES" or "NO" if you want to exchange contact information with this person.I sent YES to everyone, believing the word that the concierge told me that I would not know until I met at least twice.

Among them, I thought Konoyaro was the first person to be told no, but 3 people contacted me because I said YES, 1 person was rescheduled and went straight, and 3 person had dinner 1 times.

This flow has become troublesome.Do you understand?And the next step iswhen should i have sex ?It is.

For some reason, let's go to the next meal again. Program Producer in his 40s I am currently on a business trip overseas, and if I were asked to go out with him next time, I would probably refuse.It's not my type.

Maybe I should talk to the concierge soon.I've always ignored email calls, but I think I'll ask a professional here.

While feeling the merits and demerits of the "membership system" like this, I am also continuing marriage hunting on the app in parallel.

Pairs,Tokyo calendar,Dyne.

Next time, I would like to report on that as well.

After all, if you don't experience it, you can't recommend it to people with confidence.I feel a sense of mission.


Even in the universe, I think it's going little by little to minimize waste by borrowing the power of innovative IT and firmly establish a "membership system" that can only be done by people.

starting in OctoberRegistered branchOur TeamI hope that I can reduce the troublesome opinions I have received so far.

By all means, please change to the East Japan area! ! ! !


East Customer Loyalty Group

Enma Mamiya

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