[Voice of scolding: Osaka branch] Disappearing transportation expenses

Thank you for all your continued patronage.
This is Fukunaga from the Universe Club Osaka branch.

I still don't know the truth this time"The Disappearing Traffic Expense Case"I would like to write about
This is a story about Mr. Y, a gentleman in his 40s who runs a company, and Ms. S, an office worker in her late 20s recommended by an interviewer.

Both male and female members have received good feedback on dates with other people so far, so it should be a safe date.


A few days after the date, in a questionnaire from a female member"I couldn't afford your transportation."There was feedback.
Since he said that he could confirm the facts with the man, I contacted Mr. Y to confirm whether he had forgotten to hand over the transportation expenses.

Then, Mr. Y called me politely and told me clearly that he was handing it over, the place where it was handed over and the conversation at that time.

Tell that to S."Is there any possibility of misunderstanding?"When I asked,"Never got it"It was a one-point tension.

Even though I told Mr. Y about it, both parties' claims did not change, and as a club, we could not just accept the opinion of either party, and the conversation became parallel.

After that, while exchanging several times, Mr. S"I give up already"There is a reply, Mr. Y"I will consider using the club in the future if something like this happens even though I gave it properly."I received a message stating that.

I think there was something wrong with the club's response at that time, but as a result, it was a bitter experience that I lost the trust of the male and female members.

Universe Club Osaka Branch

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4 Replies to “[Voice of Scolding: Osaka Branch] Transportation Expenses Disappeared”

  1. It's a mystery.
    What happened?

    I used to meet a type B person, and we had several dinner dates.

    For the first time, I gave 1 as a transportation fee. So did the second time.

    He told me that he would be traveling abroad for the third time, but he didn't have a digital camera, so I gave him a digital camera that cost 7 to 8 yen at the time. Thank you.

    I met him because he bought me a souvenir, and when I was walking around Ginza, I met a wonderful pair of shoes at "Miu Miu", and I gave him a present. We weren't together for two hours.

    Then came the complaints. "Please pay the transportation expenses properly."

    I learned something like that.

    Each measure and way of thinking.Rules and things other than rules.Neither is wrong, but I wonder if there is a communication gap.

    I had a good talk with him.My feelings and how we should interact with each other in the future.

    The reply was, "I'm not thinking about adult dating at all." "I like alcohol, so I want you to eat something delicious with me." "is what they said.

    Well then, it would be better to be registered with A.I was able to advise you.

    In another case, he forgot to give me transportation expenses and politely said, "It's hard to say this, but please give me transportation expenses." "I'm sorry. I was really careless." I apologized and handed it over.

    A lot of things happen.

    1. Mr. Quixote
      Thank you very much for your comment.
      From a man's point of view, "I give gifts that cost more than transportation expenses",
      As a woman, there was a difference in the way of thinking that "gifts and transportation expenses are different things".

      Even if you give the same amount of money, depending on how the woman communicates and the satisfaction level of the date,
      It seems that the feeling of giving it to you will change.

      Thank you very much for sharing your own experience.
      As Mr. Quixote said, there are various ways of thinking, and I learned that various things can happen.

      Thank you for your continued support.

  2. Mr. Fukunaga

    This is Meg, a female member.

    It must have been difficult for each of you.

    There is no way for the staff to check it either.It must have been very well taken care of.

    There may be times when things will come to light, but in any situation, I would like to be the first to bow my head.

    The staff are always like that.

    You are doing your best.

    We are looking forward to the opening of the Umeda branch!

    1. Meg
      Thank you very much for your comment.
      This is the first time I have received a comment from a female member!

      Thank you for your consideration of our staff.
      Actually, the Namba (Shinsaibashi) branch will be opened♪

      I don't know which branch Meg is a member of, but if she is a member of the Osaka branch,
      Please come to the new office for a reshoot when it opens (^^)

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