Universe on a 20-hour system?Super early shift/super late shift trial starts!

Thank you for all your continued patronage.
This is Fukunaga from Universe Club Osaka Branch.

This time, I wrote a blog to report the start of super early and super late shifts, which is a new attempt.

Recently,Emails came back from the club early in the morning and late at night!I think that there are also male and female members who were surprised by that.

actually a few days agoSuper early shift starting at 6am, super late shift ending at 2amWe are introducing the shift of the time zone on a trial basis.

Business hours of each branch are basically11:00am ~ 20:00amis.Outside of this time, there will be two people in total, one in eastern Japan and one in western Japan (*it varies depending on the day), so we may not be able to reply to all emails, but we will do our best to respond to emergencies, offer emails, and the day before. We will focus on sending confirmations.
(*Please note that I am unable to answer the phone as I will be working from home.)

Currently, the advantages of
・At around 7 o'clock in the morning, I can send a confirmation of the day before the date to the woman, so I often receive a reply at an early stage, probably by checking LINE when commuting.
・Male and female members can now quickly inform the other party of date cancellation requests and time change requests due to poor physical condition.
・Since women often touch their mobile phones in the middle of the night, there are many cases where replies to offers are quick and dates are confirmed smoothly.
・Since the number of emails that we will respond to during business opening hours will be reduced, the overall waiting time for male and female members will be reduced.
I realize that.

Since it is still in the trial stage, it may disappear depending on the results including the disadvantages and the voices of male and female members, but it was a report of the current initiative.

We will do our best to make the dating club more satisfying for our members, so please continue to support the Universe Club.

Universe Club Osaka Branch
Ryota Fukunaga

Author of this article

I love eating while walking!With honesty as my motto, I will send out what I thought in my daily work!

20 Replies to “Universe 2 hours?

  1. Mr. Fukunaga

    Mr. Fukunaga, you've become a public relations person for Universe.
    Probably, when the president started by himself, he was working 24 hours a day by himself, so it must have been incredibly difficult.However, there is also the joy of being busy, and I think he must have been very happy when he was able to become a multiple team.I would appreciate it if you could think of those times and imagine the hardships of the president when you started the company, and feel how blessed you are now and work hard at your work.

    1. sat1
      Thank you for your comment!
      Sorry for the late reply again!

      Yes, it's completely like a public relations officer (lol)

      Thank you for your feedback from a manager's point of view.
      Basically, I am on the middle shift (11: 00-20: 00), and while I am grateful for the environment that has been arranged,
      We will do our best to keep it.

      Thank you in the future.

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