[Papa Activity Summit] Papa activity expert / former Universe staff "Yui Nanase" will be on stage!

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[Papa Katsu Summit] delivered by Universe Clubvol.2Will be held!

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What is “Papa Katsu Summit”?


First, let's talk about the summit.

Summit is generally a common name for "developed country summit" (major country summit). (Omitted) Not only conferences between countries, but also events where representatives of companies and industries gather to exchange opinions are sometimes called 'summits'.


What is “Papa Katsu Summit”?

It is a place where people who stand at the top and best of the dad life industry gather and exchange opinions.


The second memorable time of such a “papa activity summit” is
This is Yui Nanase, a former staff member of Universe Club!

Active as a model in her 20s.
After that, while working as a sports gym trainer, free instructor, freelance writer, talent, etc., he registered for a date club in Tokyo.
I was active as a mistress for about 10 years.

In the past, the total amount of gifts received from men was over 1 million. After that, he retired from active duty and worked as a staff member of the Universe Club in order to convey his own experience to women. active to date.

In the past, we held a dad activity seminar at the dating club association.

And this time, we will be on stage at the second “Papa Katsu Summit”! !


There are as many forms of social activity as there are people.


At this Papa Katsu Summit, Mr. Nanase's dating activities are the main axis,

It will be a place to exchange opinions about your dating activities.

I would appreciate it if you could help me with the activities.



Also, the agenda that you want to be taken up at the Papa Katsu Summit

We are always looking for comments in the comments section of this blog.


Please come and join us.


Time & Date

Held from 10:27 on Wednesday, December 18


<Time schedule>

18:30-19:00 Relaxing place (Mr. Nanase participates)  

19:00-20:00 Start of Summit (Mr. Nanase x Staff Mamiya)


Dad activity summit contents

・Self-introduction, what is a dad activity expert? !
・7 ways to become a loved dad active girl
・Questions and answers, consultation room for worries

*Contents may change on the day.



How to participate in Papa Katsu Summit

<Participation URL for Papa Live Summit>

On the dayplease use this form.Please enter.


Recommended for:
Considering joining the Universe Club

● I would like to hear from the club staff.

● Other dating clubs and matching apps

● I am worried about dating club activities

We are looking forward to your participation!


* When participating in the Papa Katsu Summit from a mobile phone, a special app DL is required.

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Android users:here


After completing DL and registration, please participate from the invitation email.



・ How to DL the Papa Katsu Summit app

From the above link, DL the application of the corresponding OS (Android procedure in the example)


After registering for Papa Katsu Summit, press [Participate in session] from the invitation email.

Papa Katsu Summit will be held as soon as it is time.

After DL, the already registered Papa Katsu Summit will be registered in the app.

You can also participate from here.


We look forward to your participation!

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