The end of delusion, fetishism.

Always I am indebted.
This is Kudo Yuhi from Universe Club.

Thankfully, even though the world is unstable, new women are joining us every day.


women who comeTen people, ten colors, various charmshave

If you can introduce something that suits the tastes of male members...
While thinking so, I am working hard every day.

Well, when it comes to people's preferences,"Fetish "The word is often used.

Kudo didn't know much about it, but what exactly is a fetish?


According to Digital Daijisen (Shogakukan),
``A person who shows an abnormal attachment or predilection for a particular kind of thing''It seems to say that

Originally, it had a religious meaning, and it seems to have meant to feel life in stones and shells.

Currently, the meaning has expanded, and from lifeless things such as glasses and ties,
Feeling sexual attraction to a wide object such as one part of the bodySay.


Smell fetish, voice fetish, arm fetish...

There are various fetishes,
Anything fetishborn after birthThat's right.

"This place might be sexy."
"I don't know what it is, but I like it."

From that interest, my commitment became stronger and stronger,

"I want to be touched with this finger..."
"I want to be surrounded by this voice..."
"I want to touch that person's hair..."

The fetish is completed when imagination and delusion are run around.


Kudo thought...

Male members who have many opportunities to meet wonderful women,
How far have fetishes evolved?

This is Kudo, who cannot hide his surprise at the potential of male members.

Try making an offer to a woman who is in the atmosphere for the first time...
Or try to focus on improving yourself...
Then you may get a new excitement.

For example, new service"letter date'
The point of view that stirs the delusion is also one of the attractions.


As an aside, I would like to conclude this blog by introducing Kudo's fetish.

"On the way home from work, a worn-out office worker in a suit is eating gyudon and draft beer.".
What kind of delusion Kudo unfolded is a secret here! !

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Nice to meet you, I'm Yuhi Kudo, a newcomer.I can't continue working out.I like the futon.

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