Say it in a wild voice ♪ Merry Christmas

Thank you for your continued patronage.
This is Takahashi from Universe Kanto unitmanager.

It's finally Christmas, isn't it?
This year is different from usual due to the influence of the corona vortex
Isn't there some people who are going to spend Christmas?

This time, I will write a little bit about what I enjoy with Papa Katsu.
If there are first-timers, they will understand without being told by the staff.
I think there are some veterans, but if you don't mind, please join us.

first meeting

This sounds really stressful!
Number onefirst impressionThere may be some people who think that it is a moment of tension.
Can we really meet?It was a horoscope fortune-telling today, but isn't it going to be the worst encounter?
While it's fun, isn't it also a moment that makes you think about various things?

enjoy with your meal

After meeting up, talk to each other while eatingI want you to enjoyis not it.
Of course, if it's cafe time, I think it's good to have sweets while drinking tea.

If you meet someone for the first time, you will be alone
I think some people are worried about what kind of conversation they should have.
If I were you, I'd be shy, so I'd have trouble talking...

Men get nervous too.
It's just that women are anxious on the side, and they may be more nervous.

hairstyle, clothes etc.
I think it's good to praise them when they become fashionable.
I don't think there are many people who feel so bad when praised!

After that, there may be times when you brag too much.
Of course, I think it's nice to introduce yourself and talk about yourself!
However,keep talking one waySome women may get tired of being alone.

It's not a company debriefing session, so while talking about myself
Don't forget to listen to what the other woman has to say.

It's been a long time, boasting is getting longer
If you just listen to it all the time, it may turn into a heroic tournament.

Since we are human, we may not be on the same wavelength.
If there are people with similar interests, there are people who are not around you.
It seems that some people are the type to meet for the first time.

I just want to spend a bad time with each other
I wonder if there is anyone to meet!

So is the staff.
As a happy time for both of you
I hope you have a good time.

I wrote a lot, but just as a reference
As long as I'm happy if there are people who think I felt it.

Merry Christmas everyone~♪

Universe Kanto unitmanager
Tomohisa Takahashi

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