[Tokyo] I'm newcomer Ito. CS2

Thank you for your help, I'm Ito, a newcomer to the Tokyo Chief.

In the pastI tried to live as a dadRi,I tried a matchmaking appI tried to be active as a story, but

in the last few years
・Not interested in other people
・I don't want you to know me
It seems that such feelings are getting stronger.
*In private.

I have no interest in the Olympics or the news on the street,
I spend my time watching movies and videos that I can watch anytime.

Recently, when I was watching YouTube, I saw an ad saying, "How many men can I talk to at once?"
Every time I receive an advertisement for a dating app like this, I apply for an advertisement stop.

Ito has been working from home since before Corona, so it's been a long time since he started working from home.
I rarely go out to play,
Ito is healthy both physically and mentally because the time he spends working is the most enjoyable and fulfilling.


Because going to the beauty salon is troublesome,
currently postedUniverse Tokyo staff introduction photoFrom Ito (it was short)
It's super long now.

I think it's a page that members don't see much
Nationwide branch introduction page, Customer Success staff photos will be updated and changed to new photos after August!

What kind of person do you usually deal with?It may give you a little impression.


Ito of Universe Tokyo wrote not only the photos but also the introduction of the branch.
Each branch staff has written an introduction on the nationwide branch introduction page.
Please take a look if you have the chance.


From the member's point of view, even if the name of the sales department changes to "Customer Success" or "Field Sales"
what?I think that's what it feels like.

I think there are many things that cause confusion with many changes
Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

Thank you for your continued support of Universe Club.

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I will continue to be a rookie Ito. talk to this staff