I started a matchmaking app, but it was troublesome.

I lost weight while working from home,I'm Ito, a newcomer from Tokyo.

At home, I get so focused that I forget to eat.
And it's troublesome to eat in the first place.
It's troublesome, so I drink a lot of tea and carbonated water.

Mr. Ito, you're thin, aren't you? I've been asked how to lose weight, so I'll answer.

Those who have gained weight at home
From now on, don't eat anything and drink only tea and carbonated water.

Instead of eating when you want,
Eat only when you need to.

Or let's have a stress that makes you lose your appetite.

You will lose weight naturally.


Aside from Ito's current situation, which no one is interested in,


I registered for a matching app the other day.
It is an application for the purpose of looking for a lover or a marriage partner.
The reason for registering is for studying.
(It's not a job, I did it by myself)

BeforeI started working as a dad, but it was troublesome.I wrote a blog called.
For those of you who have seen it, you may have already read the omission.

According to the results,The registration period for the previous Dad/Mom App was one and a half days.
Of this timeThe registration period for the marriage app was within 24 hours.


The reason is that it was annoying.


in the self-introduction column"My hobby is work"When I wrote and applied, I was not allowed to post because I thought it was a trader.
I wrote a fairly solid self-introduction, but I thought it would be troublesome to rewrite it.
in hyperfixed sentences"My hobbies are watching movies and going out drinking."I just applied and got approved.

(Is it generally suspicious that a hobby is work?)

Then a lot of likes and messages came and it's already annoying.
Coming messages Coming messages 9.5%
"What kind of movies do you like?"
“Do you usually go drinking?”
That's all.

Well, other than that, I haven't written a self-introduction, so I think it can't be helped because there's no chance to talk.
But it's troublesome.

I felt like I went to a beauty salon.
A beautician who talks to me about something even though I'm not interested. (Abbreviation: haircut)

[Pattern XNUMX]
Kakikiri: “Are you off today~?”

Ito: "Yes.(It's obvious. The only person who is in the beauty salon while working is a hairdresser, etc.)'
Kakikiri: What do you usually do on your days off?
Ito "I'm cutting my hair.(Pretend to be asleep)'

[Pattern XNUMX]
Kamikiri "Has it been a while since you've been to the beauty salon?"

Ito: "Yes.(because that kind of conversation is annoying)'
Kamikiri "What do you usually do?"
Ito: "It's work."
Kamikiri: “Ah, that’s right, isn’t it?”
Ito"(Pretend to be asleep)'

[Pattern XNUMX]
Ito "Please make it short, just cut the back."
Kamikiri: "Did something happen...?"
Ito "No, I'm not good at beauty salons, so I wanted to keep it as short as possible in one session.(Kippari)'
Kamikiri: “Ah, I don’t like beauty salons either, so I understand.”
Ito"(Stop talking and keep cutting. Pretend to be asleep.)'



The same goes for the dating app.

[Pattern XNUMX]
Man: "What kind of movies do you like?"

Ito "It's a zombie system."
Man: “I don’t see it very often! Please tell me your recommendations!”
Ito"(If you look it up yourself. Even if you say evaluation or ranking, you won't see it anyway.)'

[Pattern XNUMX]
Man: “Do you usually go out drinking?”

Ito "Well, I'll go little by little."
Man: “What kind of alcohol do you like?”
Ito "It's a good choice(Unimportant conversation time wasted purpose unknown)'


... Stop it.Troublesome.


I have no interest in other people, and I don't want others to know me.
I realized that I'm not suitable again.

A man and a woman who meet for the first time, or people who can continue to exchange messages before meeting are amazing.
Apps, dating clubs, marriage agencies, men and women who are doing well are amazing.
(But I don't feel like doing my best either)

I think that the company and the employees are also matching in a sense.
I love Universe and it looks like we are currently matching.
(The company I got a job as a new graduate left after 3 months, Universe is the second company.)


This time of year, I think there are many people who are changing jobs, and those who are going to change jobs from now on.

Encountering a “good company” for me
The company considers you a good employee

I hope that such a match will be established somewhere.
With gratitude to the important staff who graduated from Universe.

It was Nozomi Ito, a newcomer from Universe Club Tokyo.

Author of this article

I will continue to be a rookie Ito. talk to this staff

10 Replies to “I started a dating app but it was a hassle.”

    1. Jamey
      Thank you for your comment, this is Tokyo Ito.
      I'm pretty sure I didn't write Universe Club as a "good company" in my blog, but it's a good company for me.
      As I wrote on my blog before, Universe should be able to do jobs that you are not good at!It is a company that says, "Let's develop what we are good at!"
      Both the graduated senior staff and the representative Kida don't try to force them to overcome their weak points, they don't criticize employees and look for good points and praise them.
      I came to think that I also want to be that kind of person.
      (But I feel like I've been doing a lot of things I'm not good at lately...)
      It was a shit universe because everyone is different!I think there are many people who quit, but I think that's fine.
      Thank you for your comment, sorry for the long answer.

    1. Mr. That
      Thank you for your comment.
      What I find interesting now is different from when I first joined the company.
      What I find interesting about my current job is
      "Bad!" "Dangerous!" "I can't do it!"
      It's time to get into that situation.
      In the past, I really hated it and couldn't help it, but now I find it rewarding and interesting.
      UNIVERSE is a company that is constantly evolving, and I think there are many members who feel that they are being swayed.
      I'm sorry.
      Still, I am very grateful to the members who are using the universe.

  1. I have a lot of questions.It's like an interview lol

    I'm going to tell people for the first time here, but until recently I was using a certain major matching app. 〇 It's Ars (laughs)

    I get a lot of likes, but no good people...
    The few people who think it's nice or nice are "far away," "I'm looking for a friend, not a girlfriend," or "I don't match at all even if I like it."

    I got sad and quit (´・ω・`)

    Dating clubs are easy because women don't have to approach them.It seems like it's hard for both men and women to be a sugar daddy.

    1. Papua
      Thank you for your comment.
      Thank you for visiting my blog again.
      In Universe, I want to be able to approach women too!
      I want to increase the matching rate!While I have this feeling, I can only go so far as to say it's wonderful now.
      A sudden major reform of the member page in the future!Oh my God.
      It may not be, I'm sorry I'm just saying it without permission.

      Opinions from members who are registered in apps and dating clubs other than Universe are very valuable, both good and bad.
      (Sometimes it hurts)
      thank you.Sorry for the boring answer.

  2. Hello.
    Mr. Ito, in the first place, it's a hassle lol
    I don't want you to know about me,
    I can sympathize with the place where I am not interested in others.
    I think this system is not suitable for people who have little need for approval.

    But even people who have a high desire for approval like a certain entertainer
    Misusing the dating club is a bad idea.

    Finally, I think that this company where Mr. Ito works is a "good company".

    Ah, this word ↑ may not resonate with Mr. Ito who has little desire for approval ww

    1. Anonymous
      thank you for your comment.
      Approval needs... they do exist, but only at work.
      It is not the feeling of wanting to be above someone or to beat someone.
      The universe has grown in scale, the number of branches and employees has increased (or decreased), and the number of staff members who have never met has increased.
      Even though we never met, I still think of the entire Universe Group as a team.

      As Anonymous said, it seems that systems such as apps were not suitable for me.

      And Anonymous's last words really resonated with me.
      It makes me very happy to be able to share with others what I think is great.
      It reverberates so much that I have nothing to say.
      thank you for your comment.

  3. Mr. Ito, I'm glad you're doing well.I didn't feel troublesome from the club's line exchanges,,.
    Apps can be quite difficult, and I also find conversation difficult.
    May the days without masks come,
    We wish you all the best.

    1. Mr. tuguo
      thank you for your comment.
      Of course, as a UNIVERSE staff member, my top priority is to respond quickly and accurately to LINE and emails!
      I'm sorry that my post was misleading.
      There is nothing to think that it is troublesome to interact with members as a universe!
      To the last, private Ito was...
      When members contact Ito, I would be really happy if they said that they remembered my name, or that members I have met have remembered my face.

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