The Diary of Riene – 31/7/2021

Happy Saturday everyone, hope you have all been having a good weekend! I've been doing pretty well, and I didn't even suffer the worst of the vaccine side effects! I mostly slept a lot 😂😂 So that's good, and I 've been able to do work pretty normally~

So, over the past week, my colleagues over at the International Team have been in Hawai'i! No, they weren't gallivanting there on holiday, leaving me alone to do work 😂😂 Instead, they were hard at work helping to arrange a date for a gentleman living in the US, along with a Japanese lady! So yes, they flew over together with the Japanese lady to help ensure the days-long date would go smoothly!

As you might have guessed, this is where the header photo came from! Our lovely couple went on a hike and took this gorgeous photo (along with many others!) from a mountain trail, showing how incredibly beautiful Hawai'i is, with its beautiful blue seas and pristine nature… It'd be amazing if I could go as well!

The International team will be posting several blogs about this project of course, so please read them all once they're up! It was all very exciting and I sure wish I were there~ Perhaps we can even bring this over to Singapore someday, and coordinate overseas dates! I can't wait to continue telling everyone even more!

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