The Secret Technique That Will Absolutely Fuck You With Your Favorite Cocks!I don't want to tell you, but I will! !

This is an experience story, so the effect has been proven by myself.

A game I made long ago with my friends to pass the time

The name is"Obscene Shiritori"

Shiritori only uses obscene words.
What ifIt's OK to say something obscene even if it's not obscene!So bananas and loofahs are also OK!

"Don't rush"Lines are also OK!It is.

Even if you do this at a joint party, it will be a mess.
It makes me happy just to hear someone I like say obscene things.

A dangerous conversation was cut off while I was driving with my favorite egg. . . .You can use it anytime.

It's a super versatile obscene Shiritori,
For example, let's say that you have successfully arrived at the other person's house or private room.

It's strange to do it in a closed room with just the two of us!The distance gradually approaches.
Quiet when doing it behind closed doorsI recommend doing it.

In the end, it turns into an obscene conversation.

"Can I kiss you? 』
"OK! 』

yes!The rest is OK. Bed-in is complete.

There was also a time when I got a gentleman who was actually interested in such an obscene Shiritori.
This was a secret technique, but I hope you can use it at some time.

By writing such a blog, Takasaki must have been thought to be quite an idiot.
However, it is a concierge for members who has released a really useful technique in memory of shame!
Some people may think so.

In addition to obscene Shiritori, we have a variety of silly techniques that can be used.
If you are interested, please contact Takasaki m(_ _)m

9th Anniversary Campaign Until 1/31 (*^^*)
If you haven't yet, please hurry up!



Author of this article

My name is Takasaki, and I joined the company in May 2016.I love fun and interesting things, and I go out to snowy mountains, the sea, and out-of-the-way izakayas all year round.For some reason, I'm called an uncle in the company, so I can't give advice about girl power.Even though I am such a person, I sincerely want to help the men and women members so that they can make their daily lives more exciting and realize their goals and dreams.Please feel free to contact us and we look forward to hearing from you. talk to this staff

6 Replies to “The Secret Technique to Absolutely Fuck Your Favorite Egg! I Don't Want to Tell You, But I Will!”

    1. Mr. Daisuke
      It always becomes very indebted.
      If you are a woman with a sense of obscenity, you may say something pretty erotic!
      In the future, I would like to keep it small so that it will not be attracted to members.
      I would appreciate it if you could smile again m(_ _)m

    1. Mr. tuguo
      It always becomes very indebted.
      Don't miss it! !I would be happy if you could tell me how it was again.
      Thank you for your continued support!

    1. paper plane
      It always becomes very indebted.
      I wrote it while feeling the fear of being run over, so I'm very happy that you said it was interesting (;_;)
      Thank you! !

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