The person in charge of the column is actually secretly doing this

Happy New Year.
This is Hashimoto from the Marketing Unit.

This is the first update of the staff blog, so let me introduce myself lightly…

Recently updated blogAn employee who couldn't get the pickles out of her assSubordinates.
(What's the boss with the pickles stuck in his ass?)

I'm curious about the kind of pickles stuck in the boss's butt.
Cucumber?Or is it paprika?
Let's hear it next time.

Leaving Mr. Pickles aside,I'm Hashimoto
I usually update information, update columns, write press releases, and go wild on Twitter✨
Some of you may have read the articles I wrote.

Well, what should I write...

Let's talk about the inside story of updating the column.

Currently, the column site is for women"Cinderella"and men's"darling"There is a lot of real-life dad life episodes and daddy life techniques in Cinderella.
for darlingA Naked Daddy EpisodeHas increased.
Some of them are pretty extreme...

When I first became in charge of the column, I was working on the update while being flustered because it was too radical.I'm used to it now, but... it's scary to get used to it.

There is something I secretly do when posting such a column.

that is

Make eye-catching images into cute animal images! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

Cute cat! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

Basically, I try to select images that are linked to the content of the column or that appear in the column.

Occasionally (fairly often), I choose animal images that are soothing.

I wish I could neutralize the extremeness even a little (I can't)

If you are interested, please take a look.
It's full of cute animal images and nice columns, so please...

Finally, we will promote the recommended column.

This is Cinderella's column.
This was written by Twitterer Jera Kuru, who has been making quite a number of striking tweets.
It's a quick read, but it's a great read.Recommended.

We are always looking for column writers for both men and women, so if you are interested, please join us!

I apologize for this time.
Thank you for reading.
Please take care of yourself and have a wonderful dating club life.

(I would be happy if you went to see the column)

Click here for Cinderella

Click here for darling


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