The Diary of Riene: March 15, 1


For most people, that is~ For me, it's basically Tuesday in terms of a work week 😂 I wonder what everyone's weekend plans were? I scheduled some dates over the weekend, and frankly, that makes me a bit envious~

It'd be really nice if my boyfriend and I lived in the same country – I haven't met him physically yet, but we do call each other every day. 't be long when we can finally meet in person!

When that day comes… Well, if he comes to Singapore. I really want to take him to places like Gardens By The Bay, Esplanade, MBS etc for the fancy, romantic spots, but of course, to places around my neighborhood too! 'd like to show him where I grew up and introduce him to all the delicious food we have here!

On the other hand, if I'm the one going to his country, I do wonder what he's going to show me! And I'm sure there's lots of food I have to try where he is. to see him, though~

Enough rambling about my love life, I guess! Just setting up dates made me feel a bit envious… Well, maybe things will look up soon~ Who knows?

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