How to survive with poor Japanese language skills

I am always grateful for your help!


This is Teratsuji, the Madonna of Universe Nagoya.


When I was a student, I didn't get good grades in a subject called Japanese.
However, if you say that other subjects were good, that's not the case,
In the past, I was uselessly good at motor skills, so I feel like I was good at physical education and English.


I don't care about my story like this,
I was talking to a male member on the phone the other day,
Male: Mr. Teratsuji, you're crazy.


I'm sorry, but the conversation after that didn't come into my head,


picture? ? ?Kikikomogomo?picture?chimpunkampun


Male: Well then, tsug


Tera: Oh, I'm sorry, um,CanKikomogomo?what does that mean?




Temple: Ah,Theretree?is it




Tera: …that’s a difficult word, isn’t it?ThereKikomogomo...


Tera: Well, what is that...


Male: It feels like a mix of sadness, happiness, and sadness.HiKine!


Temple: Ah, I see.HiIt's nice! (Find it on the ticking net)
It's embarrassing, like being the ultimate idiot (not like an idiot),
I don't usually read books, so I don't know difficult words.


Kitamura, perhaps on purpose, uses extremely difficult words towards me.
I forgot because it was difficult to break down and other things...
I have to look it up on the internet and reply.


Also, I often say gah.I have never used a gun like that.


Leaving that aside,
I can absorb various things every day, and I think it's the Universe Club.


If I hadn't been here, I might have died without knowing the word hikikomogomo.


Instead, you'll win the hearts of women this way!
Wouldn't you be more pleased with this?And I use my little knowledge and experience to the fullest, and I'm doing a daily improvement committee with men.
Without language skills,
I think you can get through it with momentum, honest listening, less experience, charm and smiles.
I have such poor language skills,
Tajimaga that Tajima used to do when he was in Yokohama?was it
I'm thinking of becoming a Teratsuji version of that.


My Terra Mayu Magazine, which is formed in simple Japanese
If you would like to subscribe, please contact us!


Maybe it will be launched soon!
I want to be a guy who can't help but do it if he announces it.


We will also be posting deals!


Please stay tuned!


Mayu Teratsuji

Author of this article

A concierge who can go to the meeting (let me go to the meeting) to deliver a real voice

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  1. Saint Thank you for your comment!I'm finally back in Nagoya. Please feel free to contact me anytime m(_ _)m.I'm going to play!

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