[Kyoto] It's coming soon~

Thank you very much for always watching.
I'm Toritani, in charge of the Universe Club Kyoto Branch.


Recently, in Kyoto, the hot days continue every day...
People who traveled to Kyoto in the very hot weather will feel the heat of Kyoto more than usual.
People living in Kyoto are depressed by the fact that the temperature is hotter than usual.
Looking at people in such a state, Toritani is also going to work even though he is about to get a heat stroke.

The summer season is approaching soon.
At this time of year, I don't know why, but many female members and male members can join.
Does the summer season make people open-minded...?
Anyway, we are very happy to have you join us!
As for male members, it is time to join many new female members, so the time to browse the site should increase day by day.
As for female members, college students have summer holidays, and working people have long vacations, so it's a good time to date!
On top of that, the number of male members is increasing, so there is a possibility that the number of offers will increase.
Please consider joining before such a big chance.

And we would like to introduce a female member who joined despite the extremely hot day!

What do you think?
If you are interested in a woman, please let me know.

And now Chiba branchNew enrollment campaignIn progressIt is!
If you are also interested, please contact us.
Thank you very much.

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