It's not human to be discouraged even if bad things are written.


I am always grateful for your help!


Ten days after returning to Nagoya,
Thanks to you, I am Teratsuji from Universe Nagoya.


A member from Hiroshima called me earlier,
It's rude to leave without saying anything!I was angry.
I was angry, but I'm happy. Thank you.
I returned to Nagoya the other day and immediately made a reservation for a male interview.
I went to chat!


Tera: Why did you come to the Universe Club today?


Male: It was big when I saw the homepage, and there were all over the country.


Temple: That's right!There are all over the country!Do you have a business trip?


Male: I don't think so


Temple: No!smile


Tera: Have you seen the websites of other clubs?


Male: I saw it, I saw the reviews


Tera: Didn't you write a lot of really bad things?


Male: It was written! Wasn't it the worst?


Tera: Indeed, thank you for coming in such a situation!


Tera: What kind of bad points did you notice?


…What were you talking about?
I can only thank you for coming despite seeing a lot of bad reviews.


Man: You were thinking of going to other clubs, right?


Temple: Really!Please come!


Tera: Rather, I wanted you to come after the other clubs!


Man: Really?lol then let's go


Temple: Yes!Then I have to work harder too! !


Man: lol So what should we do today?


Temple: Yes!Let me explain!Pera pera pera pera pera pera pera pera pera pera…
It's a very presumptuous story,
I wonder if I should register with another club,
Those who want to explain and decide which way to go are very welcome!


I have to do my best so that I can be chosen by that person.
Of course, one Universe Club!I'll do my best for those who are deciding.
Because if you get tired of it, you will leave...
However, I myself think that I have not been able to provide detailed services recently because I am preoccupied with work.


I'm sorry, I hit a big mouth,
I would like to do my best in any way, so
If there are any of you who think that I'm not cutting corners these days,
Please point it out directly to me without writing it in the review.


When bad reviews are written, I
I can't get back on my feet for about a month.
I am very happy that you chose Universe Club!That's what I was talking about.
I wrote that only bad things were written in word of mouth,
Would it have been better to hide?
I hope you don't get offended.


Bad things are said,
We would like to do our best to meet with our members who can trust us.

It feels like it's decorated in front of the building.

The truth is...

Please don't write bad things about me on XNUMXch! !.


Mayu Teratsuji

Author of this article

A concierge who can go to the meeting (let me go to the meeting) to deliver a real voice

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