[Kobe] Newcomer's greetings

We become indebted to.


Thank you for visiting my blog.


I am proud to say hello to you on my blog.


I joined the Kobe branch on April 4rd.


My name is Maya Okura.


I'm still inexperienced, so there are many things I can't reach


I am very sorry for the inconvenience caused to my superiors and seniors,


To be a concierge that can be trusted and satisfied by male and female members


I will be diligent every day, so I would appreciate it if you could watch over me warmly.

Camera shooting will be one of the triggers for encounters, so

I'm an amateur, so it's very difficult,

With the cooperation of women, we are able to have a very enjoyable shoot.

Everyone is very sparkling, and I am very happy to meet various people.

I hope I can provide wonderful encounters for as many people as possible♪


Thank you very much for watching until the end.


Thank you for your continued support.

Chiba branch half year campaign
I'm doing!

Universe Kobe
Maya Ohkura


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