Saffle Kiss Fleece Fleece Fleece Fleece Fleece Fleece Sunfire Camouflage Fleece

I am always grateful for your help!
This is Teratsuji from Universe Hiroshima.

Today toolet's go see a friendAs I was walking, I saw this.


I'm not a carp fan,
I'm not a Carp fan, but I want one...

I feel like that for some reason.
But passers-by are swarming around,
Even though I look like this, I'm a grown-up adult, so it's absolutely dangerous to see me making this.

But ...

If you have 300 yen in your wallet, let's make it!Thinking that, I opened my wallet...


I had just 300 yen.

I don't care about the eyes of passers-by, because I'm not from Hiroshima!While muttering in my heart,
One person sea urchin spinachI did something with a much higher hurdle than that.

If you want it, please contact us.

Now for the title.
Saffle Kiss Free Sofre Ha Free Billy Free Sunfre Camouflage Free.

Do you understand?

Yes, it's a spell.

No, it seems to be popular these days.
yes, you all knowfriends with benefits, you can see this. (Omit the explanation, please google it)
Ale is a friend of Ale.

A friend who just kisses.

Level up a littleSofure.

SO = Co-sleeping Fr = Friend
There is no physical relationship, but it seems that they are friends who only sleep together.Absolutely false.

and level up,Hafre.

Ha-hug Fre-friend
Friends who just hug each other.
I don't know for sure, but when you hug each other, it seems that a hormone called "happiness hormone" is secreted, and it seems that you can get a feeling of euphoria.

Reminds me of the militarybirefre.

I thought it was Billy-Billy's Boot Camp Fre-Friend,
Rainy dayBilly = Broken Heart Rehabilitation Fre = FriendAnd that.

"Would you like to practice with me?" or "I'm here" seems to correspond to this.

I'm starting to get confused, nextsanfre

Sanfrecce Hiroshimais.As expected of Hiroshima.

I was wrong,
Saint-Sandback Fre-Friend

You can relieve stress by doing whatever you want without putting up with someone you don't care about, right?That's what it means.

Not a nice duck♪
Camo = Camouflage Fre = Friend
It is a relationship that enjoys the feeling of being a lover.
For example, for Christmas and Valentine's Day, you don't want to be alone.
In this camouflage, depending on the situation, it seems that they will hold hands and kiss.

and lastOffre.

do you understand?Recently, it seems that it is gradually increasing,
O = Take a bath together (go) Fure = FriendIt seems.
It seems that they go around public baths together and enter together.
I understand that it goes around, but is it possible to enter?

After taking a bath, the body feels hot → a kind of excitement → it is easy to develop romantic feelings with the opposite sex

It seems.

There are various frames, these days.
It's like a spell and I can't keep up,

Why don't you find an off-the-shelf at the Universe Club! ? \(^o^)/

OrWould you like to find a camouflage? \(^o^)/

Hafre, birifre, souffle, sanfrecce, anything is fine,
Would you like to find it? \(^o^)/

…Does anyone think that Teratsuji is free?
I'm not idle, I just have a lot of time.

Mayu Teratsuji

Dating Club "Universe Club" is looking for male and female members who are looking for something to do all over the country.
An interview, an interview, and an examination are required for admission.
For details, please contact the local concierge

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