[Chiba] I'm Katsuki, a newcomer.

Nice to meet you.
Thank you for visiting our staff blog.


My name is Madoka Katsuki and I joined the Chiba branch office on February 2th.
Thank you for your acquaintance.



Please take this opportunity to introduce yourself.


Born in Fukushima Prefecture, I grew up eating peaches and mamadoru.
(But my favorite is Sendai's famous confection, Hagi no Tsuki)


Seven years have already passed since I moved to Tokyo after graduating from high school.
I sometimes use an accent, but I hope that you will find it charming.


In my previous job, I was doing call center work and sales office work at an IT company.
I am also a licensed psychological counselor.


The reason I joined the company was because I thought it would be interesting.
It's a human being who lives by inspiration... (smug)


By the way, don't hesitate to order food.You can decide right away.
Is there a character that looks particularly shiny when you look at the menu?


picture?do not have? ?


Well, I'm a human being who lives by inspiration... (2nd time)


What was the first impression of Katsuki from the people at the Chiba branch?ElegantIt seems that it was

I can't say that at all now.




I don't really remember anything...



However, in order to respond to members in an elegant atmosphere as much as possible

We will continue to do our best, so please continue to support us.

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(In charge of elegance) I'm tall, so if you want something tall, please let me know.But I have a bad back, so I can only take up to 500g.After that, please give me a waist massage.

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